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WARNO Operation Mountain Thrust 001

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Operation Mountain Thrust 001

Afghanistan - Sangin






TIME: June 25th, 20006 @ 1900 EST (0530 IGT)


WEATHER: 112F (44C); Clear; Wind <1kn NNE; Dawn 0515 IGT; Dusk 1900 IGT


1st Platoon will be moving into FOB Alamo to relieve NATO forces and provide security and counter insurgency operations in the Area. The continuation of hearts & minds patrols, recce, presence & fighting patrols will be a key part of the operation.


a. Enemy Disposition

  1. Heavy Disposition of the Taliban

    1. Insurgent based tactics

    2. Known for random attacks and prolonged fire fights

  2. Possible Enemy action

    1. Expect random RPG attacks

    2. Indirect fire has been increasing

    3. Merging with the civilian population to avoid detection

    4. Suicide bombers & IED threat


b. Friendly Forces

  1. A Company, 3 PARA Battlegroup, British Army
  2. Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines
  3. Ranger Company, 1st Battalion, Royal Irish Regiment
  4. 40 Commando, Royal Marines


c. 2006s - Rules of Engagement

On order from your commander, enemy military and paramilitary forces are declared hostile and may be attacked subject to the following instructions:

  1. Positive Identification (PID) is required prior to engagement. PID is a reasonable certainty that the proposed target is a legitimate military target. If no PID, contact your next highest commander for decision.
  2. Do not engage anyone who has surrendered, or is unarmed or wounded. 
  3. Any requests for fire support or close air support within 600 Meters of a civilian center must first get authorization from commanding officer. 



Maps of the Province:







Notes from Commander:

  • All requests for Close Air Support/Medevac/Resupply/Insertion are to go to Mako 1-6 on FREQ 60.0. Mako 1-6 will contact Rattler 1-6 on FREQ 50.0 to request an asset to assist 1st Platoon as necessary. Once the asset is in the area of Operation for Mako 1-6, Infantry can contact the bird via CAS Net FREQ 45.0 to guide in the bird/direct close air support.
  • If an infantry element is in threat of being overrun and requires immediate assistance, they may declare a "Tactical Emergency" to Mako 1-6, who will then have Rattler 1-6 redirect all available air assets to Mako 1-6's Area of Operation to prevent the unit from being overrun.
  • Be sure to always have a point man with a mine detector to minimise the threat of encountering IED's. 
  • Be aware of potential Green on Blue attacks from the Afghan National Police and Afghan National Army. These have been increasing over the last few months.





A. Company, 3PARA Battlegroup


1st Platoon


Primary Objectives: FOB Alamo via Land from Camp Bastion, fortify and setup ARC's of fire and overwatch. Then launch clearance and hearts and minds patrols to ensure the civilian population are aware of the change over in NATO forces.


PRIMARY TASKING:  As above. Ensure that supplies are loaded in vehicles as these are the only limited supplies available until another supply drop can be launched. 


SECONDARY TASKING:  Gauge how well the Taliban are organised and any strong points or places of interest they may have.


TERTIARY TASKING: Gather intel from civilians and other friendly forces based in a VCP to the north of the MSR about Taliban activity and movements in the area. This could be crucial to our future operations.


Attack Helicopter Force, Army Air Corps


AHF will support the platoon on the ground.


PRIMARY TASKING: Providing Support for 1st Platoon.


SECONDARY TASKING: Provide Fast Air and Heavy/Light Gun Support


TERTIARY TASKING: Ensure supplies are ready to be delivered into the AO






Attack Helicopter Force Vehicle Pool for Campaign:


Rotary Wing:

  • 3 x CH-47 Chinook
  • 1 x AH-64 Apache
  • 3 x Wildcat AW159
  • 1 x Merlin HC3

Fixed Wing: 

  • 1x Tornado Ground Attack Jet
  • 1x Harrier Ground Attack Jet







Succession of Command: 

  • 1st Platoon HQ: 1LT J. Kauffman > SFC D. Brown
  • 1st Squad: SSG D. Jordan > SGT J. Hart
  • 2nd Squad: SSG V. Handberg > SGT D. Thompson
  • AHF: 2LT K. Grorud > WO1 T. Sadler > CW3 R. Hepker

Call Signs

  • "Mako 1-6",             1LT J. Kauffman

  • "Mako 1-6R"           ""

  • "Mako 1-7",             SFC D. Brown

  • "Mako 1-1",             SSG D. Jordan
  • "Mako 1-2",             SSG V. Handberg
  • "Rattler 1-6",           2LT K. Grorud
  • "Rattler 1-1",           WO1 T. Sadler
  • "Rattler 1-2",           CW3 R. Hepker
  • "Rattler 1-3",           WOC J. Rob

Hand Signals

  • Control + Num 5 = Rally/Set//Affirmative
  • Control + Num 2 = Halt/Hold/Stop/Negative
  • Control + Num 6 = Engage
  • Control + Num 4 = Go/Move/


Smoke Signals

  • Green = Friendly/Affirmative
  • Red = Enemy/Negative
  • Purple = Mass Casualty/Medic Required
  • Orange = Lost/Marking Current Position

Radio Frequencies

  • Infantry Platoon Net ~ 40.0
  • CAS Net ~ 45.0
  • Aviation Platoon Net ~ 50.0
  • Command Net ~ 60.0

SSG A. Cummings

Forward Air Controller

1 Platoon HQ

S-1 Lead Administrator, S-2 Adjutant and S-5 Lead server/website admin


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