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Formation of S-6 Media & Public Relations

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Attention Members of 1st Cavalry Division


Applications for S-6 Media & Public Relations are now open. We are currently recruiting for the following. 

x1 Lead Media & Public Relations Specialist 

x6 Media & Public Relations Specialists.


Role Descriptions

Lead Media & Public Relations Specialist:

Head up the S-6 team and ensure jobs are been carried out as requested by the S-6 team members. You will be expected to create template posts for Reddit & Other platforms. You will also be required to review footage & images prior to been posted in the public domain (i.e Youtube, BI Forums, Reddit) An image or video posted on the 1st Cavalry Division website would not be subject to the review. You will ensure that the images and footage are of a high quality and good standard. You are to ensure that anyone streaming events within 1CAV are doing so in a manner that does not bring disrepute or shine 1CAV in a bad light. Requirement to regularly post on platforms promoting the unit, and engaging with the public. Posting Images & Videos on Youtube and other platforms.

Media & Public Relations Specialist:

Complete jobs as tasked by the Lead Media & Public Relations Specialist. Regularly post on platforms such as Reddit, Youtube and BI Forums using provided templates. Interact with members of the public on public servers, public Discords and other platforms. Ensure that any content you create, i.e Images or Videos are to a high standard and shine the unit a good light. If you are able to stream, stream any operations 1CAV perform. Be the link between the public and the unit, set willing members of the public on the recruitment pathway. Perform any other roles that the Lead may require you to perform. 


If this sounds like something you would be interested in please visit this link and apply. We will review the applications on Saturday 27th June 2020, and may perform a short chat with you before considering you for the role.




S-1 Lead Administrator, S-2 Lead Recruiter and S-5 Lead server/website admin

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