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WARNO Enduring Freedom 002

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OEF 002 - The War on Drugs


Afghanistan - Logar Province









1. REGION: Khoshi District, Logar Province, Afghanistan

2. WEATHER: Clear, 70F (21C); Wind 3kn NNW; Dawn 0610 IGT; Dusk 1845 IGT

3. TERRAIN: Hills, Rural Countryside 


Logar Province, Afghanistan, 2007. The Taliban/AQ have been waging low-intensity warfare against the Afghan government and its ISAF partners. Government establishments, as well as civilian centers have been the main victims of the insurgency in recent months and ISAF forces have also been regularly engaged by insurgent forces. Recently developed sources have discovered that the Taliban may be using the regional production of Opium/Cannabis to fund their insurgency operations. In order to quell the insurgency, ISAF forces must begin investigating the production of narcotics in the region and determine their legality. To do so, ISAF forces will need to establish stronger presence in these drug-producing regions. 

1st Platoon's objective is to establish a foothold in the region by rebuilding two combat outposts in the Nefer River Valley, conducting a presence patrol through the valley and clearing a known IED-ridden compound, and meeting with a local village leader to discuss his village's production of narcotics.


a. Enemy Disposition

  1. Taliban/Al-Qaeda Forces

    1. Unknown number of enemy combatants

    2. Crew-served static guns/launchers, technicals

    3. N/A

  2. Possible Enemy action

    1.  Ambush tactics, blend with civilian populace
    2.  IED Usage, VBIED, SVIED, etc. 

    3. Dedicated fighting force, will fight to their last breath.


b. Friendly Forces

  1. Local ANA/ANP forces
  2. Dispersed throughout the region
  3. ***Be cautious of insider attacks. ANA/ANP known to have engaged friendly forces intentionally in the past.

c. 2001 - Rules of Engagement

On order from your commander, enemy insurgent forces are declared hostile and may be attacked subject to the following instructions:

  1. Positive Identification (PID) is required prior to engagement. PID is a reasonable certainty that the proposed target is a legitimate military target. If no PID, contact your next highest commander for decision.
  2. Do not engage anyone who has surrendered, or is unarmed or wounded.
  3. N/A


Maps of the Province:
















Notes from Commander:

  • All requests for Close Air Support/Medevac/Resupply/Insertion are to go to Mako 1-6 on FREQ 60.0. Mako 1-6 will contact Rattler 1-6 on FREQ 50.0 to request an asset to assist 1st Platoon as necessary. Once the asset is in the area of Operation for Mako 1-6, Infantry can contact the bird via CAS Net FREQ 45.0 to guide in the bird/direct close air support.
  • If an infantry element is in threat of being overrun and requires immediate assistance, they may declare a "Tactical Emergency" to Mako 1-6, who will then have Rattler 1-6 redirect all available air assets to Mako 1-6's Area of Operation to prevent the unit from being overrun





1st Platoon, A. Company, 1/7th Cavalry

1st Platoon, Alpha Company is being deployed to Logar Province, Afghanistan to deter insurgent activity in the region. 1st Platoon's primary objective will be to deploy from FOB Glenn to reestablish/fortify COP Aldrin and COP Armstrong. After securing the COPs, 1st Platoon will conduct a presence patrol through the town of Nefer (OBJ Gemini) and clear an old industrial complex ridden with IEDs (OBJ Mercury). Finally, 1st Platoon will meet with a local leader in the village of Kandar (OBJ Apollo) to discuss the village's production of Cannabis/Opium and its significance.

1st Platoon


PRIMARY TASKING:  1st Platoon will Air Assault into Nefer River Valley and secure COP Aldrin and COP Armstrong. 1st Platoon will establish a physical perimeter and entry control point (ECP) within each COP.


SECONDARY TASKING:  1st Platoon will conduct a presence patrol through OBJ Gemini and clear OBJ Mercury of IEDs.


TERTIARY TASKING:  1st Platoon will air assault into OBJ Apollo and meet with the village leader to discuss the village's production of Cannabis/Opium. If the drug operation is deemed legal, 1st Platoon will RTB. If the drug operation is deemed illegal, 1st Platoon will seize any information/equipment used for the production and burn the Cannabis/Opium fields. (Cannabis/Opium fields represented in image 5 by black dots)



71st Assault Helicopter Company


71st AHC will support the platoon in the air.


PRIMARY TASKING: Support 1st Platoon by providing transport/reinsert


SECONDARY TASKING: Provide Close Air Support


TERTIARY TASKING: Provide logistical support/resupply






Call Signs

  • "Mako 6",                CW2 T. Sadler
  • "Mako 1-6"             1LT J. Kauffman
  • "Mako 1-1",             TBD
  • "Mako 1-2",             TBD
  • "Rattler 1-6",           2LT K. Grorud
  • "Rattler 1-1",           TBD

Hand Signals

  • Control + Num 5 = Rally/Set//Affirmative
  • Control + Num 2 = Halt/Hold/Stop/Negative
  • Control + Num 6 = Engage
  • Control + Num 4 = Go/Move/
Edited by T. Sadler


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