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ARMA 3 Mod Repo Update!

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Attention Members of 1st Cavalry Division


There has been an update to our Mod Repo's

Size of update ~450mb

Updated on All Repo's:
@DUI_Hud - v06062021

Updated on Unsung Repo:
@USUniforms - v11062021

Updated on WW2 Repo:
@USEquip - v11062021

Added to WW2 Repo:
@USEquipFOW - v11062021

Don't forget to defrag your system after the update to improve performance. This is not needed if your games runs from an SSD.

Any questions please contact a member of the S-5 team.

Server Administration Team

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S-1 Lead Administrator, S-2 Lead Recruiter and S-5 Lead server/website admin

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