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Polenfeldzug 001 - Operation Konserve
Battle of Poland.png

Gleiwitz Area, Polish-German Border - 31st August, 1939

One day before the invasion









1. REGION: Gleiwitz area, Polish/German Border

2. WEATHER: Clear Skies; 50F ; Wind <1kn NNE; Dawn 0755 IGT; Dusk 1825 IGT

3. TERRAIN: Farmland, Spruce Forests, Villages

Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler have brought forward news of the Poles commencing immense violence of our german brethren living just over the border to Poland. Based on this, Himmler, as well as Reinhardt Heydrich have formed a plan which lets Germany retaliate against the polish atrocities, justified and controlled, the same way we liberated our germanic allies in Czechoslovakia.

Historical context (non propaganda):


Operation Himmler, also called Operation Konserve or Operation Canned Goods, consisted of a group of 1939 false-flag undertakings planned by Nazi Germany to give the appearance of Polish aggression against Germany. The Germans then used propaganda reports of the events to justify their invasion of Poland, which started on 1 September 1939.

Operation Himmler included the Germans staging false attacks on themselves - directed at innocent people or at concentration-camp prisoners. The operation arguably became the first act of the Second World War in Europe.


The goal of this false flag project was to create the appearance of Polish aggression against Germany, which could be used to justify the German invasion of Poland. Hitler also might have hoped to confuse Poland's allies, the United Kingdom and France, into delaying or stopping their declaration of war on Germany


a. Enemy Disposition

  1. Polish border forces

    1. Polish Border Guards

    2. Any Polish QRF

  2. German border forces

    1. German Border Guards

    2. Any German QRF

    3. Concentration camp offerings

b. Friendly Disposition

  1. 8th SS Cavalry Division Florian Geyer support elements

c. 1939- Rules of Engagement

  1. PID Targets, but make sure you are firing on the right enemy forces.
  2. Do not provoke Polish forces/civilians if possible



Maps of the theatre

*How to Zoom in: Open spoiler> Right click on photo > Open image in new tab > Congrats, you can now zoom in.










Batallion intelligence has let us know about a polish storage of uniforms, which are crucial to this mission

We also have identified the weakest link in the border between Poland and Germany, where you will INFIL

German forces will fire upon you once you switch uniforms

Notes from Commander:

  • All requests for Close Air Support/Medevac/Resupply/Insertion are to go to Mako 1-6 on FREQ 60.0. Mako 1-6 will contact Rattler 1-6 on FREQ 50.0 to request an asset to assist 1st Platoon as necessary. Once the asset is in the area of Operation for Mako 1-6, Infantry can contact the bird via CAS Net FREQ 45.0 to guide in the bird/direct close air support.



1st Platoon, 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry Regiment/8th SS Cavalry Division Florian Geyer Sonderkommando

1st Platoons misison is as follows:

  1. Inflitrate Poland dressed as civilians, in smaller groups, with arms hidden
  2. Attack the polish uniform/equipment storage and switch uniforms
  3. Attack the German border crossing
  4. Seize the Gleiwitz radio station and broadcast polish anti-german propaganda
  5. Leave dead POW's at all attack locations, dressed as polish forces. These will be delivered by truck
  6. Exfil

Key to this mission is the following:

  1. Staying covert during your stay in Poland
  2. Do not provoke/attack polish forces, except when explicitly told so
  3. Avoid contact with polish military, they will quickly find out that you are not polish!
  4. You have no support from German forces once you have switched into polish uniforms/equipment

71st Assault Helicopter Company

Rattlers will deploy as infantry for this mission only, during this campaign, due to the missions covert nature and lack of airframes.





Call Signs

  • Mako 6                        2LT K. Grorud
  • Mako 1-6                    1LT J. Kauffman
  • Mako 1-6R                  N/A
  • "Rattler 1-6"               N/A
  • "Rattler 1-1",              N/A
  • "Rattler 1-2",              N/A

Hand Signals

  • Control + Num 5 = Rally/Set//Affirmative
  • Control + Num 2 = Halt/Hold/Stop/Negative
  • Control + Num 6 = Engage
  • Control + Num 4 = Go/Move/

K. Grorud@0.5x.png

Head of 71st Assault Helicopter Company

Call-sign: Rattler 1-6

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