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Nathan Application

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Nathan&nbsp Application



Game: ARMA 3


----- Personal Information -----


First Name: Nathan

Last Name: Wade

Email: Email Disabled

Date of Birth: 06-14-1999

Age: 18

Country: US

Timezone: America/New_York

Past Military Experience: No

Past experience list:


----- Game Information -----


Current In-Game Name: N. Wade

Steam Username: Bio Digital Jazz

Player ID: 76561198053165597

Previous Clans: Yes

Previous Clans List: 7th SFG, 11th CSG


----- Communications -----


Teamspeak 3: Yes

Microphone: Yes


----- Unit Related Questions -----


Commitment Time: 5-6/hr week Hours

Reasons for joining: I really like playing ArmA III, I played since Arma II and I also like the vietnam war era.

How did they hear about us: Arma clans

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