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Travis Application

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Travis&nbsp Application



Game: ARMA 3


----- Personal Information -----


First Name: Travis

Last Name: Wolfe

Email: Email Disabled

Date of Birth: 03/30/2000

Age: 17

Country: US

Timezone: America/Chicago

Past Military Experience: No

Past experience list:


----- Game Information -----


Current In-Game Name: T.Wolfe

Steam Username: Travis Wolfe

Player ID: STEAM_0:1:101903862

Previous Clans: Yes

Previous Clans List: 212th - CT-8001 "Silver"
24th MEU 1stLT T.Wolfe
82ndAA- Zeus


----- Communications -----


Teamspeak 3: Yes

Microphone: Yes


----- Unit Related Questions -----


Commitment Time: When ever I'm available Hours

Reasons for joining: Old unit was badly managed by the Co hoping for a better unit. Would like a better experience with eras and units.

How did they hear about us: found by videos on youtube

SP6 T. Wolfe

Machine Gunner

Call-sign: Wolf

Head of Mountain Climbing, Tracers only, Philosophy, and Cover-ups

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Thank you for your application to join the 1st Cavalry Regiment. Your interview has already been conducted and as such, you have been accepted into the unit. God bless and god speed. 

SSG D. Brown

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