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'3 Frame Bug' Investigating

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Hi All,


We have been aware of an issue for a period of time where certain people half way through an OP will get a bug where they instantly get reduced to 3 frames and are unable to play the game without restarting ARMA. After countless hours of scrolling through logs etc everything we have tried server side has had no effect. We have organised the mod set and some people continue to have the issue, we are now pretty certain this is not a mod/server side issue but more of a client side issue. Me and Kauffman seem to think there is some kind of memory leak within ARMA that after the RAM usage goes over 2GB you get the bug. So we can test and investigate can you guys that are having the issue follow the below instruction's and also post your specs. This also seems to occur on x32 but clients more the x64.


1. Open ARMA3Sync

2. Go to Launcher Options

3. Enable ExThreads and put it to the highest number

4. Tick 'Enable HT'

5. Tick 'Huge Pages'

6. At the bottom right you will see a select button to select the ARMA 3 exe, click select, navigate to your ARMA 3 folder and select arma3_x64.exe


Once you have made these changes ensure you can still boot ARMA and join our server, once you have done this post a reply telling us that its done and we will organise a stress test on one of the patrols to see if this issue persist. 


You can also watch the video below for some video settings that can be changed which may help in stopping the issue.


I have skipped the video to the relevant section, make sure you use ARMA3Sync and not the default ARMA Launcher. 




Hopefully this should start resolving the issues.


Any issues contact Me or Kauffman.




S-1 Lead Administrator, S-2 Adjutant and S-5 Lead server/website admin


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I can also be used as a resource if people need help figuring these issues out. Available to troubleshoot the modpack as well as this bug or any general S-5 questions.


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