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I just figured I'd add a list over immersive client-side mods I've used to great effect, that make the battle more intense in my opinion.

Enhanced Soundscape, by LAxeman (102 MB)

A quite nice mod that gives reverb and reflections from weapon-sounds! Especially in CQB, this is intense! I see no change in FPS using this mod either!



What is Enhanced Soundscape?
Enhanced Soundscape is a sound enhancement modification for ArmA3. It adds additional, weapon-sound related features to the game. Those are hill/mountain reverb and reflections, forest reflections as well as reflections from houses in urban areas.
The basic principle is: Firing a weapon creates a loud noise, noise is waves that swing through the air/make the air swing and those waves get reflected off objects and terrain. The volume levels were done with my soundmod "DynaSound 2" in mind, but ES works with every mod including the vanilla sounds since nothing "core" is changed.

Real-time calculated Hill/mountain reverb:
The feature simulates the reflection of the gunshot-noise when there are hills around you. The further the mountain/hill, the more diffuse the reflection will be. Close terrain will reflect a clear "popp", while mountains in the distance will send back a diffuse, "crumbly" echo. The feature is calculated in real-time and real-environment, meaning you will actually be able to see the mountain the shot got reflected from.

Forest reverb:
So many trees and plants around you create some kind of "half-enclosed space". You will hear a thick layer all around you when firing inside a forest!

Urban reverb:
The many hard surfaces of houses in urban areas give a very direct and harsh reflection when firing a gun. The mod simulates this by playing slapback sounds from the actual walls when firing next to houses in urban areas. The result is a "thickened" feeling when firing your gun.



JSRS Soundmod by LordJarhead (1005MB)

Improves the sound experience of all assets using vanilla ArmA sounds! There are several comaptibility-mods for several mods as well (No Unsung yet, but let's keep our hopes up), and another one for reloading and bipods

A soundmod for ArmA3 and ArmA3 Apex - The lastest delevopment in the direction of audiovisual dimension by JSRS-Studios. With more than a few thousand new sound effects JSRS SOUNDMODprovides a powerful and new sound experience, from all vanilla ArmA3 to the APEX DLC contents!

RHS, NIA Arsenal and SMA Support!
Don't forget to check out the additional RHS Sound Supports for AFRF, USAF, GREF and SAF Content!

Blastcore Edited, by Opticalsnare (edit by Paladin) (88MB)

A mod that improves explosions and smoke, with both sound and effects.
It will impact your frames most likely, and you need particle quality set to high to make it work!

If anyone else has any cool client side immersive mods, please do share!

2LT K. Grorud

Head of 71st Assault Helicopter Company

Call-sign: Rattler 1-6

S-1 Assistant Administrator, S-3 Operation Development Assistant, & S-5 Information & Technology Specialist

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Just a side note on these.


I recommend NOT putting these into our Modset folders on Arma3Sync, I would create a new modset folder and run it a long side incase of any issues that may be caused. 


I can't see these mods causing issues but we have had it before where client side mods have caused issues. 


But I recommend all these mods as they make the gameplay experience 100x better!


S-1 Lead Administrator, S-2 Adjutant and S-5 Lead server/website admin


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