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Vietnam War Movies/Series!

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How about we get a thread about Vietnam War-themed movies/series going? And maybe we can compile a great list in the end for people who want to get in the mood before a Saturday op!

I'll start!
We were soldiers


Full metal Jacket

The Vietnam War

The movies here are considered classics, and the documentary "The Vietnam War" goes into great detail and accuracy, with released footage.


What's your favorite?

2LT K. Grorud

Head of 71st Assault Helicopter Company

Call-sign: Rattler 1-6

S-1 Assistant Administrator, S-3 Operation Development Assistant, & S-5 Information & Technology Specialist

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Another Vietnam classic, Born on the Fourth of July starring Tom Cruise.   

Born on the Fourth Trailer: 



Not necessarily centered around the Vietnam War, however parts of it use the Vietnam War as a platform to address the moral quandaries of War, Rules of Engagement starring Samuel L Jackson  and  Tommy Lee Jones   

Rules of Engagement Trailer:



For anyone interested in Aviation/Survival & Evasion Bat 21, starring Gene Hackman and Danny Glover. 

Bat 21 Trailer: 



Similar Setting/Story Rescue Dawn starring Christian Bale and Steve Zahn

Rescue Dawn Trailer:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bft961J26G0


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