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Operation Red Storm 10/13/2018

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1st Platoon, Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry Regiment


1st Platoon, 71st Company, 145th Aviation Battalion



MAP: Chernarus

PRIMARY TASK: Break through the Nazi's Front Line


SECONDARY TASK: Push deep behind enemy lines

TIME OF OPERATION: 19:00EST 10/13/18



1LT J. Kauffman

2LT K. Grorud

CW2 R. Hepker

SSG D. Jordan

SSG C. Mandingo

SSG J. Hart

SSG D. Thompson

SGT B. Snurka

SP7 D. Brown

SP5 R. Flores

SP5 T. Wolfe

SPC V. Handberg

SPC B. Bobat

PFC A. Perez

PFC J. Robert

PV2 J. Tank

PV2 O. Landesman

PV2 C. Caron




If anyone is missing message 1LT J. Kauffman or SSG D. Jordan to have your name added to the list.



Result: Neutralized an enemy cache and enemy held village


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+2 Promotion Points awarded to these attendees 






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Individuals personnel combat records updated.


S-1 Lead Administrator, S-2 Adjutant and S-5 Lead server/website admin


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