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New Website Changes

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We have launched a new website!

Along with this new website comes many changes! In this forum post you will be able to see all the change the S-5 Server & Website Administration team has made to bring along this new website for the 1st Cavalry Division. The team has been working for the past week to bring along these many changes. Along with this new website comes the addition of 2LT K. Grorud and SPC V. Handberg to the S-5 shop. Both Grorud and Handberg have been vital to the development of the unit as of late, and will continue to assist all S-Shop members from their new positions!

Enough Unit talk and on to the new website!


The biggest change made to the website is the backbone itself. As of 12/5/2018, the 1st Cavalry Division website has been upgraded to run off of IPBoard Version 4.x. This new IPBoard version allows for more customization, stronger moderation tools, and the availability of better plugins. With this major upgrade, from here out ALL PLAYER ACCOUNTS will have different usernames. The new usernames are in the format of First Initial. Last name. For example, my username is B. Snurka. This will be the username you will have to use to login to your 1st Cavalry Division Website account. The password will have remained the same.

Beyond the major IPBoard update comes along the PERSCOM 2.0 update. This long anticipated Perscom update finally dropped in late November and our S-5 team has been working around the clock to implement it into our new website. You will notice some changes in the look and feel of the main function of the website, but as a rule of thumb, most areas will still work as they always have.

There are specific places that are now housed in-website as opposed to the old google drive storage method. This includes Training Documents (anticipated to be live in the next minor PERSCOM update), all unit forms (Awards, LOA, Discharge, Promotion, etc...), and Promotion Point tracking (anticipated to be live in the next minor PERSCOM update). Going forward, a solider will primarily use the website for all unit related functions.

With the install of PERSCOM 2.0 comes along some minor changes. In this new website, there is an activity tracker and soldiers must "Report In" at least once every 7 days. Failure to do so will mark you as Inactive within the unit, and will incur penalties in the form of promotion points and potentially more. Reporting in is done by first logging into the website. Then hover over PERSCOM > Operations Center. Then click the Report In button.

As mentioned above, all forms have been transferred to built-in website forms. This means to request specialty school training one will submit a Personal Action Request using the button in the Operations Center. Within these Personal Action Requests, one can find the LOA request, Promotion request, Discharge request, Personnel Profile Update request, Training request, and Award Suggestion.


Going forward, all 1st Cavalry Division Members will have to send in a request to be promoted once they reach the appropriate promotion points and Time in Grade (tig) for the next rank. This change was done to encourage members to regularly use the new website and to keep tabs on their progress within the unit.

That about wraps up all the new functions of the new website. There are back-end changes in how applications are handled and promotions are given, but these only apply to specific individuals. Contact any S-5 member to find out how these are now done.

The Server & Website Administration team appreciates all the patience the members have had as this new website is built and look forward to tweaking it to perfection over the coming weeks.


S-5 Server & Website Administration


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Great work, the new webpage looks amazing!

2LT K. Grorud

Head of 71st Assault Helicopter Company

Call-sign: Rattler 1-6

S-1 Assistant Administrator, S-3 Operation Development Assistant, & S-5 Information & Technology Specialist

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