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Teamspeak Permissions

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Hi Guys,

As part of the ongoing effort to improve our servers and the unit we have taken the following steps to increase the security aswell as tidy up the Teamspeak Server.

Issues Identified:

1) Members who have left or been discharged still have permissions on Teamspeak

2) Some users have server admin functionality and admins permissions that do not need it

3) Duplicate groups, where groups that have been created have the same permissions and job as another group.


1) All members will be removed from all groups

2) Groups will be modified to correct the admin permissions

3) Duplicate groups will be removed.

You will notice that shortly you will have no permissions on Teamspeak and will have been reverted back to guest. This is intentional. You will receive a PM on the website with a list of access keys the groups you should be part of. You will need to copy these one by one and go to Teamspeak > Permissions > Use Privilege key.

This will add you into the groups that the keys are linked to. These are one time use only. From here on out there will only be 3 full server admins, Myself, Kauffman and Snurka. We are the only people that will be able to add you into any groups.

If you do not have any permissions, you will be asked to check your PM's, we will not be adding you into groups simply because you fail to read the pm.

S-1 & S-2 & S-5 will have certain permissions, i.e creating channels, moving people, and adding to certain groups.

This is part of ongoing work to improve the security of our servers.

Teamspeak and the website are now also linked, so once you are removed from a group or added to a group on the website you will automatically be added to the equivalent group on Teamspeak.

These changes will be happening over the next 24 hours, if you have any questions please PM me. 



S-1 Lead Administrator, S-2 Adjutant and S-5 Lead server/website admin


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