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PERSCOM: New Application From Tony Harrow

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Tony Harrow

Submitted 12/30/2018 03:55 PM

Additional Application Fields

  • Date Of Birth 08/04/2002
  • Age 16
  • Current In Game Name T. Harrow
  • Steam Username Kobrakiddmeow
  • Player ID N/A
  • Previous units Yes
  • If yes please list 43rd Marine Expeditionary Unit
  • Do you have Teamspeak 3? Yes
  • Do you have a working mic? Yes
  • Commitment Time Per Week I can be active on Saturdays, and if I do not have plans, on Friday and Tuesday as well.
  • Provide two reasons why you would like to join the unit I've been looking for a new unit to hang out with so I can get to know others, as well as this was the only active Vietnam Milsim unit that I could find.
  • How did you hear about us? I searched around on the internet and found a sub-Reddit

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Welcome to the 1st Cavalry Divison

SP6 B. Snurka

1-1A, Rifleman AT

S-1 Orderly, S-2 Recruiter, S-4 Drill Sergeant, & S-5 Information & Technology Specialist


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