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Campaign Poll May-June 2019!

Early Summer Campaign Poll!  

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  1. 1. Choose an option for the setting of our Next Campaign!

    • Option #1 - The Vietnam War - Operation Lincoln 1966
    • Option #2 - Second World War - Battle of Hurtgen Forest 1944

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Time for our next campaign vote!


Option #1

Vietnam Campaign: Operation Lincoln

Highway Security - Pleiku 1966

This Designed to be a mini-campaign that recreates the 12 Day Skirmish in Operation Lincoln along the Cambodian Border. The Campaign will consist of the lead up and then culminating into the in the climax of the Operation, when a CH-47 full of 1st Cavalry Division troopers, was shot down & the effort to rescue the wounded survivors of the crash as they held off a significant Vietnamese assault. The Build up to the climax will involve patrols along Highway 19, as well as establishing night time security for air-mobile artillery pieces which were flown into jungle clearings acting as mobile fire support bases. 

Option #2

Second World War: Battle of Hurtgen Forest

Germany - Autumn & Winter of 1944

We will be playing the part of American Infantrymen, who entered Germany in 1944, in the Hurtgen Forest, in an attempt to outflank German forces defending their industrial heartland. American Leaders believed that their forces would be able to march quickly through the forest, and arrive on the open planes of Germany on the far flanks of a Major German Defensive Line. However very quickly it became apparent that the Germans had heavily fortified and mined the forest. The Hurtgen Forest would become a meat grinder, claiming 55,000 Americans, and being the longest running battle that the U.S Army has ever been engaged in, to this day. The Battle was characterized by vast minefields, constant artillery barrages in the dense forest causing tree bursts, patrols through heavy fog, raids between front lines, large hill assaults through barren World War 1-esque battle fields. The dense forest prevented allied Air Support, allowing the Germans to utilize heavy tanks in a defensive posture. 


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