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Rising Storm 2 Server! Sign up for a Reserve slot!

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Hello Gentlemen! 


We have exciting news, Cummings has created a Rising Storm 2: Vietnam server for us!

We're able to customize just about everything, and are working on creating our ideal campaign game mode/server!

This includes Reserved slots, so we never have to wait in a 10 minute queue ever again!



In order to have a reserved slot on the server, you'll have to respond to this thread with two things:

1. Your steamID (U:X)

2. A link to your steam profile in case there is an issue with your steam id.



John Kauffman

1. SeamID64:  76561197993565180

2. https://steamcommunity.com/id/jkauffman/




See you on the server!




How to find your Steam ID!

1. Open Steam, Go to your Profile page. Right Click on your profile and select "Copy Page URL"



2. Open your browser, and go to: https://steamid.io/

3. Paste your Steam Profile URL into the Steam ID Finder

4. Copy the top line "steamID64" and paste it into your reply to this thread!







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Kristoffer Grorud

1. SeamID64:  76561197979807756

2. https://steamcommunity.com/id/wizardmcmuffin/


--Slot Reserved

2LT K. Grorud

Head of 71st Assault Helicopter Company

Call-sign: Rattler 1-6

S-1 Assistant Administrator, S-3 Operation Development Assistant, & S-5 Information & Technology Specialist

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