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FTX 007 6/17/17

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TEAM REPORTING: Raptor 1, Raptor 2 Military Assistance Command Vietnam - Studies and Observation Group

MAP: Da Krong River Valley, South Vietnam

PRIMARY TASK: Observe & Neutralize NVA forward encampments in Da Krong Valley


SECONDARY TASK: Secure US Prisoners of War being transported out of South Vietnam





PV2 T. Sadler

PVT W. Farber

If anyone is missing from the above list, message J. Kauffman ASAP so you can be added to the attendance.

Results: Overall mission success. Raptor 1 completed their mission with minimal casualties. Raptor 2 completed their objectives and found Intel leading to a side objective. Neutralized their target, however were hunted down and killed before extraction could arrive.

MISSION-MAKER NOTE: Good work Hart & Tap, working together. Looking forward to future missions with both of you at the helm.

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Individuals personnel combat records updated.

SSG A. Cummings

Forward Air Controller

1 Platoon HQ

S-1 Lead Administrator, S-2 Adjutant and S-5 Lead server/website admin


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