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  • ARMA 3 Mod Repo Update!

    Attention Members of 1st Cavalry Division


    There has been an update to our Mod Repo's

    Size of update ~600mb

    Base (RHS) Mods Updated:
    @CUP_Terrains - v1.11.2
    @CBA_A3 - v3.9.1.181229
    @task_force_radio_live - v1.-1.0.305 - (Do not forget to update the TS plugin, plugin is in the mod folder and needs copying to your TS3 plugins folder)

    Base (RHS) Mods Removed:
    @ACRE - Switched to TFAR
    @MELB - RHS Now has this included.

    Unsung Mods Updated:
    @CBA_A3 - v3.9.1.181229
    @task_force_radio_live - v1.-1.0.305

    Ops Mods Updated:
    @CUP_Terrains - v1.11.2
    @CBA_A3 - v3.9.1.181229
    @task_force_radio_live - v1.-1.0.305
    @IFA3_AIO_LITE - v2018_12_24_preview_v32_hotfix_3
    @I44_Terrains - v32.3

    Don't forget to defrag your system after the update to improve performance. This is not needed if your games runs from an SSD.

    Any questions please contact a member of the team.

    Server Administration Team

    Edited by A. Cummings

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