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  1. When: Saturday May 29th 1900EST Where: Operation Server #1, Cam Lao Nam What: 11B AIT - 1st Platoon will be practicing with the M60 (Phase Red), learning how to operate and utilize claymore mines (Phase Blue), sitting through a combat lifesaver course (Phase Green), as well as a basic course on short range radios (Phase Yellow), then we'll discuss and practice bounding as well as crossing danger areas (Phase White), and lastly we will be refining our ability to maneuver in various formations & conduct Battle Drill 1 Alpha (Phase Purple). Uniform: Early War Kits (1965-1966) Phase Red: The first phase of our training will be held at the shooting range. 1st Platoon will split up into gun teams and practice the basics of gunnery with the M60. Eventually we will merge gun teams together to practice talking guns. Lastly we'll talk about reconnaissance by fire & how to conduct a mad minute. Phase Blue: The second phase of our training will focus on the claymore mine. This portion of the training will be very brief. Each member of the platoon will learn how to safely place and denotate a claymore mine, and then will move onto to our classroom CLS Course. Phase Green: The third phase of our training will consist of a classroom instruction on the basics of the ace medical system. How to stabilize and assist medics with injured and unconscious personnel. Phase Yellow: The fourth phase of our training will consist of a basic tutorial of TFAR. Going over the AN/PRC 152, we will learn how to set assign frequencies to different channels, and then how to monitor and transmit over your primary and additional channel. Phase White: For the fifth stage of our training we'll practice the various methods of bounding & then touch on how to safely cross a danger area. Phase Purple: Lastly 1st Platoon will move into the hills southeast of the firing range and practice maneuvering in six formations, the Wedge, the File, the Line, the T formation, the staggered column, and lastly the squad column. From there the platoon will move to the hills just outside of the airfield, and go over the squad assault. Starting with an explanation of base of fire, shifting fire, bounding, and clearing the enemy out of a position. We will then put this into practice and conduct several practice runs with live AI. After this the training will conclude and 1st Platoon will conduct a field training exercise (FTX), for all members wishing to practice the skills learned tonight. This Training is mandatory for all members of 1st Platoon.
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