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  1. Hey All, As some of you more 'techy' people will know the world is short of IPv4 Address's, as a consequence of this our provider has upped the prices of the server. To put this into context we use 15 IPv4 Address's across our servers, Teamspeak, Website, Gameservers etc. I have got that down from the 25 we originally had to save on costs, however, the cost of this is still very high. Unfortunately I can do nothing more to lower the cost due to how the servers work and the requirement for these IP's. I also pay for the licensing for the website & Teamspeak which becomes quite costly. I have already pre-warned command on the possibility of having to charge a fee for the servers. I have personally paid for these servers off my own back since the unit was formed. This was totally off my own back as I enjoy the unit and playing with you guys! Many people have donated over the years, no matter how small it has helped in one way or another. The donation goal set on the front page is a high expectation, we have met this goal a few times. That goal sets us straight for each month, that is with the unit paying half and me paying half which works out around $75 a month. I understand people have personal lives involving money and stuff, that takes priority. So all i'm asking is if people can donate a small amount each month collectively I believe the $75 can be covered. I will speak to command on what perks donations will have.. but it will not go unnoticed especially by me. The donation link is on the homepage, alternatively you can find it here - https://1stcavalry.org/index.php?/donate/make-donation/ That donation goes straight into a PayPal account which is linked to all payments for the servers etc, none of it goes to me for personal use. Thanks guys, any amount is massively appreciated, however big or small.
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