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SSG D. Jordan

Active Duty
Squad Leader
  • Enlistment Date


  • Induction Date


  • Promotion Date


  • SSG D. Jordan

    Staff Sergeant

  • Rank Progress

    Date Rank Progress
    2022-12-03T12:50:05Z 1
    • Next Rank Sergeant First Class
    • Points Required 50
    • Rank Progress 100%
  • Timezone

    • Timezone
  • Activity

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  • Length Of Service

    • Time In Service
      5 years and 7 months
    • Time In Grade
      5 years and 2 months


  1. Name

    SSG D. Jordan

  2. Promotion Points


  3. Vet Grade

    Vet Grade: 12

Combat Duty Assignment

Combat MOS


Combat Position

Squad Leader

Combat Unit

1st Platoon, 1st Squad

Combat Supervisor

1LT J. Kauffman

Administrative Duty Assignment(s)

MOS Position Unit
31B Unit Administrator S-1 Personnel Administration
25C RTO Qualified Communications Qualifications
79R Recruiter S-2 Recruitment and Retention
11B NCO Certified Infantry Qualifications
11B Grenadier Qualified Infantry Qualifications
11Z Drill Sergeant S-4 Training
68W Combat Medic Qualified Medical Qualifications
11B CLS Qualified Medical Qualifications
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