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  1. Join us on Mount and Blade: Warband and get the Persistent kingdoms mod (and patch) for some fun in our lumber nation. This event will be hosted shortly after the OP. https://persistent-kingdoms.com/
  2. Must pass in order to become WO1
  3. EAM REPORTING: 1st Platoon, Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry Regiment MAP: Kherma Islands PRIMARY TASK: Kill or capture North Korean General. SECONDARY TASK: Survive TIME OF OPERATION: 20:00EST 1/27/18 ATTENDANCE: 2LT J. Hart SSG D. Brown SSG S. Kingsley SGT C. Mandingo PV2 T. Wolfe SPC R. Flores PV2 N. Bobcat PFC D. Tompson SSG D. Jordan SPC J. Chardi If anyone is missing from the above list, message J. Hart ASAP so you can be added to the attendance.
  4. OPERATION TIME: 1800 EST IN-GAME TIME: 1500 ORGANIZATION: 1. REGION: Quang Nam Province, Republic of Vietnam 2. WEATHER: Overcast, Cool, Extremely Dry. 3. TERRAIN: Lightly forested marshland with hills. 1. SITUATION a. Enemy Forces 8th NVA Division b. Friendly Forces Bravo & Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry Regiment 2nd Battalion, 7th Cavalry Regiment (Headquarters Garrison force) 2. MISSION -Assault on FSB Whiskey 3. EXECUTION Phase I - Insert into HLZ Tequilla a. At 1430 1st Platoon will be flown from Airfield to HLZ Tequilla. This HLZ will not be the primary insertion for reinforcements. Reinforcements will be inserted directly to the front when ever possible. From there, the men will move into appropriate positions to assault FSB Whiskey. b. Be watchful of any enemy position on your way. Even if it is the smallest outpost or just a machine gun bunker. Any Intel provided will be of use. c. The Hueys will try to fly as low as possible to conceal your assault. However, if they begin to take fire their main priority will be your safety. Your assault may be exposed, but you will remain alive for the time being. PHASE II - Assault on Whiskey a. You are to move out from LZ Tequilla and take up positions on the hill side over looking the fire base. b. Move out to begin your assault. PHASE III - Hold until relieved a. Once Whiskey has been captured, it is essential that we hold it. Prepare for a possible counter attack or erratic fire coming from the surrounding area. b. Wait until a releive force is flown in to take up permanent residence. 4. Fire Support a. To avoid a whole mass of fire markers, we are utilizing a keypad system for this operation. Devise the appropriate grid system around Whiskey for fire support. 5. SERVICE SUPPORT 71st Company, 145 Combat Aviation Battalion 6. COMMAND AND SIGNAL Succession of Command: SSG D. Brown > SGT A. Cummings > CPL C. Mandingo Call Signs "Mako 6", PFC T. Sadler "Mako 1-6", SSG D. Brown "Mako 1-6 Romeo", SPC B. Snurka "Mako 1-7 Mike", SGT D. Jordan "Mako 1-1", SSG D. Brown "Mako 1-2", SGT A. Cummings "Rattler 1-6", 2LT J. Hart "Rattler 1-1", WO1 E. Saint Hand Signals Control + Num 5 = Rally/Set//Affirmative Control + Num 2 = Halt/Hold/Stop/Negative Control + Num 6 = Engage Control + Num 4 = Go/Move/ Smoke Signals Green = Friendly/Affirmative Red = Enemy/Negative Purple = Mass Casualty/Medic Required Orange = Lost/Marking Current Position REQUEST FORM TRANSPORTATION (INFIL.): [] Land [] Sea [X] Air PAX: ~20 VEH. TYPE: UH-1D TRANSPORTATION (EXFIL.): [] Land [] Sea [X] Air PAX: ~20 VEH. TYPE: UH-1D ADDITIONAL ITEMS: [X] Resupply [X] Fire Support [X] Other: Medevac/Reinsert WILL CAS BE NEEDED?: [X] Yes [] No [] Emergency Only
  5. Date: October, 1966 Location: Lam Dong, Vietnam Time: 13:32 CDT (Time of publish) Situation: Recently we lost control of this sector. The 7th cavalry's mission will be to establish foot holds for further capture of territory within the province. FSB Whiskey is a vital control point for this region. We will be able to ship in supplies more effectively if we control the waster portion of the area. Failure to capture Whiskey will result in many lost lives and further increase our chances of being pushed out of the region my NVA forces. The airfield will be the last line of defense. It could be prone to small skirmish-type attacks throughout you station there. Execution: Your first task will be to air assault and deploy to retake FSB Whiskey. Expect this to be heavily defended with both ground troops and light ground and air artillery batteries. This is not the VC. You will be engaging a contemporary force. Expect resistance. Support: 8 x UH-1Hs 6 x AH-1Hs 4 - 155mm Howitzers B-52s in the Future once runway and immediate areas are cleared by sister companies
  6. until
    We will be hosting an FTX, or field training exercise, to have some fun with air assault and get more people qualified.
  7. Date: November 20th, 1965 Location: Chu Pong Massif, Vietnam Time: 12:19 CDT (Time of publish) Situation: A PAVN battalion was spotted on its way to assault our base of operations. Our task will be to act as a shield by putting ourselves in between the enemy and our base. Execution: Air assault to a location in between enemy and friendly forces. Fight even if a retreat is needed to ensure the most amount of time to react or evacuate the base if need be. Tacticle retreats are and option and I will be expecting some in the days to come. Pick dependable positions and give them hell. It's up to you to make sure they don't break through your line. In that event out mission here will be cut short. Support: UH-1Hs AH-1Hs 24 - 155mm Howitzers
  8. until

    Will not be there. Family coming to town.
  9. Date: November 15th, 1965 Location: Chu Pong Massif, Vietnam Time: 21:40 CDT (Time of publish) Situation: After holding LZ Xray, you have established a clear foothold in the area. The situation now is to hold it until we can march infantry to reinforce you. Execution: One platoon is already cut off, hold the LZ as long as possible. If the opportunity arised try to counter attack when your reinforcements get close. We need these NVA out of South Vietnam. Support: UH-1H AH-1H 24 - 155mm Howitzers
  10. Date: November 13th, 1965 Location: Chu Pong Massif, Vietnam Time: 16:45 CDT (Time of publish) Situation: Three regiments of the North Vietnamese Army are positioned near the Chu Pong Massif. We Believe that the 66th, 33rd, and 32nd regiments are positioned to thrust into south Vietnam from the Cambodian border. Execution: The 3rd Brigade of the 7th cavalry will land at LZ X-ray and secure this LZ for further reinforcements. The landing zone will provide a defence against the NVA threat and will act as a shield until ground forces can be diverted to assist against any push made by these regiments. Support: UH-1H AH-1H 24 - 155mm Howitzers
  11. TEAM REPORTING: RT Alaska Military Assistance Command - Vietnam Studies and Observations Group MAP: Cao Bang, Laos PRIMARY TASK: Get out SECONDARY TASK: Live TIME OF OPERATION: 20:00EST 8/12/17 ATTENDANCE: 2LT J. Hart SSGT D. Brown SGT D. Jordan SPC B. Snurka PFC J. Anderson PFC G. Parker PFC S. Kingsley PV2 T. Hood SPC C. Mandingo PFC T. Sadler KIA: SPC C. Mandingo PFC J. Anderson If you are missing from this list please but it down below. Thank you
  12. TEAM REPORTING: 1st Platoon, Alpha Company, 1/7th Cavalry Regiment MAP: Cao Bang TASKS: Good Job TIME OF OPERATION: 8:30EST ATTENDANCE: 2LT J. Hart SGT A. Cummings SGT D. Jordan SPC B. Snurka SSG D. Brown PFC S. Kingsley PVT O. Birdett PVT J. Fagan PVT T. Hood SPC C. Mandingo PV2 G. Johnson Comments: Hope you had fun! If you have been missed please PM me and I shall add you to the list.
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