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SP7 D. Thompson

1st Cavalry Division
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  1. 1. I affirm that I have read and understood the rules of the match. 2. I understand that we require at least 15 members to attend the event at all, so by signing up I agree that I'll be in attendance & at least 30 minutes early. 3. I understand that for the duration of the event I will have to change my steam name to match my Rank & Name. Example: Argos -> 1LT J. Kauffman 4. Desired Role & Squad USMC: Grenadier 5. Desired Role & Squad PAVN: MG
  2. Training for 1-2. Be there or be square!
  3. We will be doing a Battle Drill. I will post a training guide for this in the future. Please RSVP if you can or can not make it. See ya'll then!
  4. So, I noticed a notification when I got promoted that said "request your uniform". Where do I do this? Just wondering....
  5. until

    Is this the AD-HOC training you mentioned at the end of Saturdays Op Kauffman?
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