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  1. I will sign up for this. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198032074829
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    Have gotten flu and am going to sit this one out. Good luck.
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    Will be 10-15 minutes late, stuck in traffic.
  4. OPERATION TIME: 1800 EST IN-GAME TIME: 1700 IGT ORGANIZATION: 1. REGION: Incheon Islands 2. WEATHER: Overcast 3. TERRAIN: Mountainous 1. SITUATION a. Enemy Forces 174th People's Marine Brigade 397th Worker's Militia Brigade b. Friendly Forces Bravo Company, 1/7th Cavalry 2. MISSION - 1st Platoon Alpha Company 1/7th Cavalry Regiment will air assault in the vicinity of the enemy position at Rejidensu Konami, with orders to capture or kill the enemy VIP. - 71st Company, 145th Aviation Battalion will be transporting 1st Platoon. - SFOD-A7111 will be assisting 71st Company, as crew chiefs. 3. EXECUTION MAP OF THE AO Possible Helicopter Insertion Route PHASE I - Movement a. 1st Platoon will land at LZ Echo. 1st Platoon will Covertly move from LZ Echo to Phase Line Alpha and then to PL Bravo. b. From Phase Line Bravo 1st Platoon will covertly move to OBJ Alpha PHASE II - OBJ Alpha & Bravo a. Both squads will attack OBJ Alpha then move onto OBJ Bravo c. Once both of the objectives have been clear of hostiles, both teams will search for any intel and the enemy general who was last seen wearing a red beret. Once completed 1st Platoon will move back to LZ Echo. PHASE III - Evacuation a. At LZ Echo, 1st Platoon will call for extraction. b. 1st and 2nd Squads will hold at LZ Echo until extraction by the UH-60 arrives. PHASE III - Endex a. 1st Cavalry Division will ENDEX at the base. **Special Instructions** - All requests for fire will come to the Platoon Leader first. - Reinserts will not be Via teleport. Be very careful. If you die, Reinserts will be done via helicopter and will take some time. - 1st Platoon will be equipped with silencers in attempt to secure OBJ Bravo and OBJ Alpha quietly. - Pilots make sure to keep under 50m while flying within visual of LZ Big Switch so that the possible enemy AA from the airfield doesn't see you from over the objective. 4. SERVICE SUPPORT 71st Company, 145th Combat Aviation Battalion 5. COMMAND AND SIGNAL Succession of Command: 2LT J. Kauffman > SSG D. Brown > SGT S. Kingsley Call Signs "Mako 6", PFC J. Chardi "Mako 1-6", 2LT J. Kauffman "Mako 1-6 Romeo", SSG A. Cummings "Mako 1-7 Mike", SSG D. Jordan "Mako 1-1", SSG D. Brown "Mako 1-2", SGT S. Kingsley "Rattler 1-6", 2LT J. Hart "Rattler 1-1", WO2 E. Saint Hand Signals Control + Num 5 = Rally/Set//Affirmative Control + Num 2 = Halt/Hold/Stop/Negative Control + Num 6 = Engage Control + Num 4 = Go/Move/ Smoke Signals Green = Friendly/Affirmative Red = Enemy/Negative Purple = Mass Casualty/Medic Required Orange = Lost/Marking Current Position 6. COMMANDER'S NOTES TEAM LEADERS, have at least one person bring AT Mines to ensure that the target doesn't escape by vehicle and to possibly delay enemy reinforcements. REQUEST FORM TRANSPORTATION (INFIL.): [] Land [] Sea [X] Air PAX: ~15 VEH. TYPE: UH-60 TRANSPORTATION (EXFIL.): [] Land [] Sea [X] Air PAX: VEH. TYPE: UH-60 ADDITIONAL ITEMS: [] Resupply [] Fire Support [X] Other: Medevac/Reinsert WILL CAS BE NEEDED?: [] Yes [] No [X] Emergency Only Any questions please send them to the inboxes of 2LT J. Kauffman, SSG D. Brown and SSG S. Kingsley, We'll get back to you ASAP PHASE III - Endex a. 1st Cavalry Division will ENDEX in the field.
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    I have gotten the flu and might not make it to op.
  6. TEAM REPORTING: 1st Platoon, Alpha Company, 1/7th Cavalry Regiment MAP: Takistan Mountains TASKS: Defend FOB Alamo from enemy attack TIME OF OPERATION: 20:30EST ATTENDANCE: SGT G. Parker SGT S. Kingsley CPL S. Avery SPC R. Flores PFC O. Birdett PV2 S. Clarke If you attended this event but your name is missing from this list, please comment. Comments: Members of the 1st cavalry division defended FOB Alamo from a regiment of Pro-Soviet and Soviet forces. Though the FOB was eventually lost to communist forces, the cost that the enemy paid will have a long-lasting impact on battles to come. Sorry about the ACRE problems and the mod issues. You guys gave them hell and did a great job.
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    I will be walking/graduating that day, good luck.
  8. Sorry, I couldn't attend, those damned Arma 3 updates show up at the worst possible time.
  9. This training is 2nd squad, Mako 1-2, and everyone else who wishes to attend. We will be quickly going over the very basics of medical, reaction to fire, MOUT, Enhanced Movement mod, cover/concealment, and using smoke grenades. After that we will be going over basic squad formation, maneuvering, and attacking a fortified position.
  10. Well, it turns out I can make it.
  11. I'm not going to be able to make this one. Wish you guys the best of luck.
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