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  1. until

    Depending on the circumstances I might not make it, have fun if I won't be there
  2. You forgot to add me in haha
  3. until

    There's a chance I might not make the OP, I still got a meeting and a few other things to do. Have fun to anyone who's attending tonight.
  4. until

    I'm not sure if i can make it, i had a lot to do the past weeks. I still gotta finish a couple of things, incase i do make it i'll show up.
  5. until

    Probably won't be able to attend, i'l be gone all day long. Wish you all the best of fun
  6. Adrian&nbsp Application =red> Game: ARMA 3 ----- Personal Information ----- First Name: Adrian Last Name: Perez Email: Email Disabled Date of Birth: 07-10-2001 Age: 17 Country: CH Timezone: Central Eastern Time Past Military Experience: Yes Past experience list: Advanced Medical Experience Parachuting Experience Basic Rifleman Experience ----- Game Information ----- Current In-Game Name: A.Perez Steam Username: Apocalyptic_Warfare Player ID: STEAM_1:1:206868420 Previous Clans: Yes Previous Clans List: 25th Infantry Division (Vietnam) 2nd Para (Modern) ----- Communications ----- Teamspeak 3: Yes Microphone: Yes ----- Unit Related Questions ----- Commitment Time: 15-20 Hours per Week Hours Reasons for joining: Basically, i've been in a Vietnam Unit so i'd guess i wanted to give it another Chance. And the 2nd Para Division just broke down, everyone abandoned it. So i'd guess i'l pick a Vietnam Unit for a new Start. How did they hear about us: Through Arma Clans