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  1. 1. I affirm that I have read and understood the rules of the match. 2. By signing up, I understand that we require at least 15 members to attend the event at all, so by signing up I agree that I'll be in attendance & at least 30 minutes early. 3. Desired Role on USMC: Rifleman 4. Desired Role on PAVN: Rifleman
  2. How do i start leadership training?
  3. So I've been thinking during the ops these past couple of weeks, about a game that i enjoy a lot... Dungeons and Dragons. Now i know what some of you might be thinking "Dungeon and Dragons is for neck beard virgins". But if you have never played it before then i ask you to try it out. There is a lot to learn but don't let that discourage you. Once you understand the general rules and how your character works, everything else comes easier. There is multiple editions for D&D, but the one that we will be using is the newest and arguably the best edition D&D has to offer. 5th Edition. There is a players handbook you can buy for around $35 OR you can click this link http://orc-news.ru/dnd5eng.pdf and it will take you straight to the free PDF web page for the entire players handbook. I will be the DM (Dungeon Master) for the first campaign just to get everyone oriented with the new game. Now campaigns can take a while to complete, or everyone might die first session depending on which way the wind blows. Most of you also may know that this game is played using characters that you make up using the players handbook to know what race and class you want to play. And what each race and class has to offer, but there is also an alternative from paper copy's of your beloved character. D&D beyond is a website where you can build characters, campaigns, custom magic items and more. This is where you can create your character and keep it safe from losing it. Just make an account and save it so you have it every time you log in, and here is a link to that too - https://www.dndbeyond.com/ . D&D is also a vision game ontop of the imagination. There are a couple of different platforms and websites to use while playing over the internet and during the next couple of weeks I will be looking into more of them and picking out the best one for us. Most likely the date for the gathering will be on a Friday nights, but im open to change that if need be. Also if any of this seems overwhelming dont hesitate to ask me any questions you may have by posting a comment down below. I think we can have a lot of fun with this and be able to share even more laughs then we already do. I hope that i can persuade some of you to try out this amazing game that has been played for so many years by so many people.
  4. Johnny Rebel

    I like to see pictures of me in game... is that bad?
  5. Arma3 UNSUNG

    Just some cool looking screenshots that are taken during ops and patrols
  6. until

    I would like to Zeus for this event
  7. First Day with The M14

    First picture uploaded, hopefully i can get more nice screenshots if i can remember to do so
  8. Jacob&nbsp Application =red> Game: ARMA 3 ----- Personal Information ----- First Name: Jacob Last Name: Tank Email: Email Disabled Date of Birth: 06-17-2000 Age: 18 Country: US Timezone: America/Chicago Past Military Experience: No Past experience list: ----- Game Information ----- Current In-Game Name: Tank Steam Username: =(e)=Tank Player ID: 76561198125043818 Previous Clans: No Previous Clans List: ----- Communications ----- Teamspeak 3: Yes Microphone: Yes ----- Unit Related Questions ----- Commitment Time: Whenever I can Hours Reasons for joining: Because I want to join a mil sim and be able to play arma 3 and have fun instead of playing atlas life all the time How did they hear about us: Friend on Verdun
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