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  1. I would like to know a proper time to enter in the TS, when do recruiters get online on the server, i joined know and theres no one in TS online.
  2. Application View Application Status Amyr Abdo Assaf Submitted 09/25/2020 07:16 PM Name Amyr Abdo Assaf Email amyr.dequique345@gmail.com Timezone America/Sao_Paulo Country Brazil Additional Application Fields Date Of Birth 06/16/2004 Age 16 Current In Game Name AmyrBr Steam Username amyrbr Player ID https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199088450673/ Do you own a legal working copy of Arma 3? Yes Previous Military Experience No Previous units Yes If yes please list I used to play milsims on ps4, using BF4, joined milsims from europe, russia and US, i played on them waiting till i get a pc for me, this took 3 years. Do you have Teamspeak 3? No Do you have a working mic? Yes Commitment Time Per Week in my UTC, i usually get online everyday after 6pm, since i have school, on the weekends, very likely im online everytime. Provide two reasons why you would like to join the unit i would like to start a milsim on the pc, since arma 3 servers are quite boring, same missions, same objectives, few coordination, i want some unique op's, new friends, and do it like a milsim do. How did you hear about us? literally, i searched for milsim on arma 3, in the steam app, a commentary of a member, invited the dude that asked the question, i got the link, and here i am.
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