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  4. Application View Application Status Scott Norris Submitted 05/11/2021 09:23 PM Name Scott Norris Email juniorrocks2015@outlook.com Timezone Australia/Brisbane Country Australia Additional Application Fields Date Of Birth 12/13/2003 Age 17 Current In Game Name SFC. S. Norris Steam Username Quebec Player ID https:/steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198261180146 Do you own a legal working copy of Arma 3? Yes Will you purchase the DLC S.O.G Prairie Fire on release? Yes Previous Military Experience Yes If yes please explain Served in the AAC (Australian Army Cadets), while not being the Australian Defence Force, technically Army Cadets here count as a paramilitary due to the training and restrictions we have. Previous units Yes If yes please list Currently serving in Task Force Reaper Milsim (10th SFG - ODA0136 - 18E1), 1st The Royal Dragoons (Specialist), REDi 1st Rifles Battalion, Task Force Wraith (3rd SFG - ODA3111 - 18E1), 101st Doom Battalion (RTO), MSOT Wolf (Joint Task Force Advisor), CAG City (Modding Community milsim) I have also done joint training in various other units and potentially forgotten a few, the list just goes on :) Do you have Teamspeak 3? Yes Do you have a working mic? Yes Commitment Time Per Week 10-25 Hours? Provide two detailed reasons why you would like to join the unit After buying and playing on your public servers, I was very quickly engaged within the members around me and have talked to some people I know in the unit and heard good news, I am looking for a unit that I can play with while I go through my deployment and training rotations on my milsim unit and therefore have more time to enjoy slightly more casual units. The 1st Cavalry Division looks very well maintained and has clearly gathered an audience and still maintains a good community! I hope this is detailed enough, I am keen to play with everyone! How did you hear about us? Joined through the Mike Force Server.
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