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  1. Application View Application Status Eve Stifel Submitted 09/06/2021 11:06 AM Name Eve Stifel Email EveSquared223332@gmail.com Timezone America/Chicago Country United States Additional Application Fields Date Of Birth 05/13/2003 Age 18 Current In Game Name Eve Steam Username Eve Player ID 76561198056170906 Do you own a legal working copy of Arma 3? Yes Do you own the S.O.G. Prairie Fire CDLC? Yes Previous Military Experience No Previous units No Do you have Teamspeak 3? Yes Do you have a working mic? Yes Commitment Time Per Week Bare minimum of 2 hours but likely more around 5-6 and a possible maximum of 8 maybe more if I binge arma out of nowhere Provide two detailed reasons why you would like to join the unit I wanted to be in a unit and have some fun but didn't want a hardcore unit that pretends they are actual military units and this one seemed to fit well. I also love the vietnam era and prefer it over modern combat since it's a bit simpler and more straightforward, I mean when was the last time you actually saw someone with your eyes instead of it being pointed out by IR/radar etc. How did you hear about us? Arma unit leaderboards
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