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A. Djadic

1st Cavalry Division
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  1. Application View Application Status Aapeli Djadikovic Submitted 01/11/2019 05:59 PM Name Aapeli Djadikovic Email apelizki@gmail.com Timezone Europe/Helsinki Country Finland Additional Application Fields Date Of Birth 04/20/1996 Age 22 Current In Game Name Djadic.A Steam Username Djadic.A (Balalaika) Player ID 76561198121983564 Previous Military Experience Yes If yes please explain Leopard 2A6 commander, 2nd Liutenant. Served due to mandatory conscription in the finnish defence forces. Previous units Yes If yes please list 2 years in 7th Cavalry one of which as the squad leader of Bravo section 1st platoon delta company 2nd batallion of the 7th cavalry regiment. Do you have Teamspeak 3? Yes Do you have a working mic? Yes Commitment Time Per Week 8-16h Provide two reasons why you would like to join the unit The vietnam scene interests me and the delta company which ran the vietnam and ww2 sections of 7th cav was shut down and have been since looking for a good unit that does vietnam. How did you hear about us? Friend told me about it.