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Welcome to the 1st Cavalry Division

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      Welcome to 1st Cavalry Division.
      We are an ArmA based gaming community, that follows the 1st Cavalry Division throughout History. Primarily we focus ourselves around the Vietnam War, however we also host operations set during the Second World War, Korean War, and many other Cold War/ Modern conflicts. We utilize three separate custom modpacks to give you the most immersive and fun experience possible. In addition to ArmA events, we also host "game nights" where our members congregate to play an assortment of many other games in an organized fashion.
      Our Unit philosophy revolves around the principle of balancing realism and fun, to provide you with the best experience possible. Furthermore due to our semi-serious disposition, we do not salute, we do not call each other by our ranks, nor do we call our officers "Sir". Instead of this, we strive to create a more realistic & immersive experience by utilizing period accurate tactics, strategies, equipment, etc.

      Want to join? Click on the Enlistment Center button along the top of the website. You must be registered to apply.

      You can also join our Teamspeak by clicking here.

      We look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

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       Recruitment Applications Reopen

      Due to the recent release of the SOGPF DLC and the popularity of our Public Server we have been inundated with applications to join the unit.

      Because of that reason we took the decision to suspend Recruitment Applications.

      We are now in a position to reopen our applications!

      Should you wish to apply for the unit please follow the below link.



      SSG A. Cummings

      S-2 Recruitment & Retention Team Adjutant & Lead Recruiter.

    • Attention Members of 1st Cavalry Division


      There has been an update to our Mod Repo's

      Size of update ~25gb

      With the release of the ARMA 3 CDLC: S.O.G. Prairie Fire we have now switched our modpack over to support this. There's alot of removals to prevent overcrowding of the same assets/weapons. Unsung is still a requirement, however, we hope to soon switch to Unsung Redux which is a slimmed version of Unsung compatible with SOG to prevent duplicate assets. Once you have done the update you will need to create a new group in A3Sync and drag the VN mod into that group. You will then need to run the modpack group and the VN group together to launch SOG and the modpack together. A video will follow shortly on this. The removals have taken quite a few GB off the modpack so you are safe to remove the removed mods from your PC.

      Removed from All Repo's:

      Removed from Unsung Repo:

      Updated on Unsung Repo:
      @USUniforms - v09052021
      @SOGMEL - v08052021

      Updated on All Repo's:
      @LAMBS_Danger- v07052021
      @EMRW - v05042021
      @ACEMap - v07052021

      Don't forget to defrag your system after the update to improve performance. This is not needed if your games runs from an SSD.

      Any questions please contact a member of the S-5 team.

      Server Administration Team

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