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  1. Travis Wolfe 1.76561198164073453 2.https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198164073453/ --Slot Reserved
  2. Team(S) Reporting: 1st Platoon, Alpha Company, 1/7th Cavalry Regiment Map: Cao Bang Tasks: Clear out VC outpost and AA Gun position Date of Patrol: 1/11/2019 Attendees: PV2 C. Baron PV2 W. Forsell SP5 O. Birdett SP6 T. Wolfe SPC A. Perez SPC V. Handberg SPC6 G. Parker SSG J. Bankshaft
  3. T. Wolfe T. Wolfe

    1st CAV

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    2LT K. Grorud OWNS THIS
  5. TEAM REPORTING: 1st Platoon, Alpha Company, 1/7th Cavalry Regiment MAP: Tarawa TASKS: Conducting Bombing run of Japanese Flight wing of Pacific islands near Midway. SECONDARY TASKS: Clear Japanese forces off the island. TIME OF OPERATION: 1900EST ATTENDANCE: SP5 T. Wolfe SP5 R. Flores SP5 O. Birdett
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    I would like to zeus again
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    I want to Attempt to Zeus
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    I wont be able to make tonights op because its my grandfathers birthday and it hosted at my house
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    I will not be able to attend I have to go to a family event in another state. If I get back and your still in op I will join.
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    I will not be able to attend this operation due to the fact that I have to go camping.
  11. Travis&nbsp Application =red> Game: ARMA 3 ----- Personal Information ----- First Name: Travis Last Name: Wolfe Email: Email Disabled Date of Birth: 03/30/2000 Age: 17 Country: US Timezone: America/Chicago Past Military Experience: No Past experience list: ----- Game Information ----- Current In-Game Name: T.Wolfe Steam Username: Travis Wolfe Player ID: STEAM_0:1:101903862 Previous Clans: Yes Previous Clans List: 212th - CT-8001 "Silver" 24th MEU 1stLT T.Wolfe 82ndAA- Zeus ----- Communications ----- Teamspeak 3: Yes Microphone: Yes ----- Unit Related Questions ----- Commitment Time: When ever I'm available Hours Reasons for joining: Old unit was badly managed by the Co hoping for a better unit. Would like a better experience with eras and units. How did they hear about us: found by videos on youtube