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  1. Patrol Report - 01/11/2019

    Team(S) Reporting: 1st Platoon, Alpha Company, 1/7th Cavalry Regiment Map: Cao Bang Tasks: Clear out VC outpost and AA Gun position Date of Patrol: 1/11/2019 Attendees: PV2 C. Baron PV2 W. Forsell SP5 O. Birdett SP6 T. Wolfe SPC A. Perez SPC V. Handberg SPC6 G. Parker SSG J. Bankshaft
  2. 1st CAV 1-2

  3. Weekly Patrol @ 1900 EST


    2LT K. Grorud OWNS THIS
  4. Patrol Report 9/25/2018

    TEAM REPORTING: 1st Platoon, Alpha Company, 1/7th Cavalry Regiment MAP: Tarawa TASKS: Conducting Bombing run of Japanese Flight wing of Pacific islands near Midway. SECONDARY TASKS: Clear Japanese forces off the island. TIME OF OPERATION: 1900EST ATTENDANCE: SP5 T. Wolfe SP5 R. Flores SP5 O. Birdett
  5. Weekly Patrol @ 1900 EST


    I would like to zeus again
  6. Weekly Patrol @ 1900 EST


    I want to Attempt to Zeus
  7. Operation Market Garden 004 @ 1900 EST


    I wont be able to make tonights op because its my grandfathers birthday and it hosted at my house
  8. Field Training Exercise @ 1900 EST


    I will not be able to attend I have to go to a family event in another state. If I get back and your still in op I will join.
  9. Operation Mountain Reach 002 @ 1900EST


    I will not be able to attend this operation due to the fact that I have to go camping.
  10. Travis Application

    Travis&nbsp Application =red> Game: ARMA 3 ----- Personal Information ----- First Name: Travis Last Name: Wolfe Email: Email Disabled Date of Birth: 03/30/2000 Age: 17 Country: US Timezone: America/Chicago Past Military Experience: No Past experience list: ----- Game Information ----- Current In-Game Name: T.Wolfe Steam Username: Travis Wolfe Player ID: STEAM_0:1:101903862 Previous Clans: Yes Previous Clans List: 212th - CT-8001 "Silver" 24th MEU 1stLT T.Wolfe 82ndAA- Zeus ----- Communications ----- Teamspeak 3: Yes Microphone: Yes ----- Unit Related Questions ----- Commitment Time: When ever I'm available Hours Reasons for joining: Old unit was badly managed by the Co hoping for a better unit. Would like a better experience with eras and units. How did they hear about us: found by videos on youtube