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  1. @kermitthefrog666 Feel free to join the TS server whenever you are free. Poke anyone who has an S-2 tag on TS.
  2. I can also be used as a resource if people need help figuring these issues out. Available to troubleshoot the modpack as well as this bug or any general S-5 questions.
  3. +2 PPs awarded to all of those in attendance. Combat Records generated
  4. Henlo 1. SteamID64: 76561198010856173 2. https://steamcommunity.com/id/loafabreadly/ Actually gib admins --Slot Reserved
  5. Your application was accepted.
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    I will be gone - out of town at a hockey game with my mom
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    I will be gone - have a party im hosting that night
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    I will be gone - out of town for a bday
  9. Individuals personnel combat records have been updated. +2PP on the website for each individual in attendance.
  10. Operation Title: Operation Delaware 001 Team(S) Reporting: 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry Regiment; 71st Assault Helicopter Company; 17th Pathfinder Company Map: Prei Kmaoch Luong Primary Task: Eliminate danger close VC garrisions Secondary Task: Neutralize VC garrisoned villages across the river, destroy weapons cache. Time Of Operation: 02/02/2019 Attendees: 2LT K. Grorud SSG C. Mandingo SSG B. Snurka SSG D. Thompson SSG A. Cummings SSG J. Bankshaft SP6 T. Wolfe SP6 G. Parker SP5 V. Handberg SP5 L. Logan SPC N. Bobcat PFC C. Baron PV2 T. Harrow PV2 J. Rob PV2 W. Forsell WOC T. Sadler Stotz