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R. Kris

1st Cavalry Division
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    R. Kris reacted to J. Kauffman in Game Night 1/9/2020   
    Operation Title:
    Game Night 1/9/2020 Team(S) Reporting:
    1st Cavalry Division Map:
    Zargabad Primary Task:
    Have fun Secondary Task:
    Defend the fob Time Of Operation:
    01/09/2021 Attendees:
    1LT J. Kauffman, 2LT K. Grorud, CW2 T. Sadler, SSG V. Handberg, SSG D. Jordan, SSG A. Cummings, SGT B. Snurka, CPL N. Bobcat, SP8 T. Wolfe, SP6 C. Canterbury SP6 J. Chardi, SP6 J. Tank, PFC K. Kersemeier, PFC R. Kris
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