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  1. Operation Title: Miniop - 06/03/2023 Team(S) Reporting: 1st Cavalry Division Map: Khe Sahn Primary Task: Kill or capture the HVT Secondary Task: Destroy enemy vehicles Time Of Operation: 06/03/2023 Attendees: SSG A. Cummings SSG D. Jordan CPL R. Kris SP9 T. Wolfe SP8 B. Snurka SP7 P. Goodell SP6 E. York SPC D. Slayton
  2. Operation Title: Operation Lonely Nights Team(S) Reporting: 1st Cavalry Division Map: Khe Sahn Primary Task: Build and man the checkpoint Secondary Task: Escape from the ARVN and VC Time Of Operation: 05/20/2023 Attendees: 2LT K. Grorud SSG A. Cummings SSG K. Kersemeier CPL R. Kris SP7 P. Goodell SP6 E. York SPC D. Jimulance SPC D. Slayton
  3. WARNING ORDER Operation Rolling Thunder 002 Hue City, Vietnam 1968 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SITUATION TIME: 1st March, 1968 @ 1900 EST (1700 IGT) WEATHER: 75F (24C) Overcast; Wind <1kn NNE; Dawn 0600 IGT; Dusk 1800 IGT As the Tet Offensive gathered pace, US soldiers held up in the city of Hue were facing a desperate situaition, with 7000 Vietcong bearing down on their positions they had limited options. With their routes of escape cut off from all sides they had no option but stay and fight until reinforcements arrive. In the days prior 1st Cavalry Division had moved and cleared through Hanoi and eliminating the final enemy stronghold in the area. Subsequently they then moved down to FSB Khe Gio, a stragetic FSB between Hanoi and Hue, with help from the 71st Assault Helicopter Company they cleared and retook the FSB with little casualties. Due to ammo depletion 1st Platoon moved back to Gia Lam Airbase after been relieved by 2nd Platoon. 2nd Platoon have been coming under almost constant contact at the FSB, they believe their is a tunnel system nearby which is allowing the VC to get within grenade distance of the FSB. 1st Platoon are now rearmed and will be proceeding back to FSB to support 2nd Platoon and continue their push into Hue. a. Enemy Disposition Soviet 5th Guard's Zimovniki Division VC Local and Regional Forces 7th Battalion, 29th Regiment, 325C Division 1st Sapper Battalion 815th & 818th Battalion, 5th Regiment. Possible Enemy action VC are renound for using booby traps and spider holes The local forces and under trained with a lack of decent weapons, but are supported by highly trained soldiers with better weaponary and skills The enemy will try rush tactics, stealth tactics and shock tactics to gain a foothold during any firefight. Watch those trees! Tracker units are operating in the area. They will track you and engage you at very close distances. Keep eyes everywhere. b. Friendly Forces c. 1960s - Rules of Engagement On order from your commander, enemy military and paramilitary forces are declared hostile and may be attacked subject to the following instructions: Positive Identification (PID) is required prior to engagement. PID is a reasonable certainty that the proposed target is a legitimate military target. If no PID, contact your next highest commander for decision. Do not engage anyone who has surrendered, or is unarmed or wounded. Any requests for fire support or close air support within 100 meters of Objective Pluto and Neptune will require authorisation from high command. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Map of the AO: Map of FSB Khe Gio Map of ground between FSB and OBJ Orion Map of OBJ Orion Map of Hue City Notes from Commander: All requests for Close Air Support/Medevac/Resupply/Insertion are to go to Mako 1-6 on FREQ 60.0. Mako 1-6 will contact Rattler 1-6 on FREQ 50.0 to request an asset to assist 1st Platoon as necessary. Once the asset is in the area of Operation for Mako 1-6, Infantry can contact the bird via CAS Net FREQ 45.0 to guide in the bird/direct close air support. If an infantry element is in threat of being overrun and requires immediate assistance, they may declare a "Tactical Emergency" to Mako 1-6, who will then have Rattler 1-6 redirect all available air assets to Mako 1-6's Area of Operation to prevent the unit from being overrun. Be sure to be wary of traps, explosives and enemy hiding in tree tops. If CAS or Fire support is dropped on OBJ Neptune or Pluto we risk killing any remaining blufor troops held in them locations. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ MISSION PRIMARY TASKING: Locate and destroy the tunnel near FSB Khe Gio. Once tunnel is destroyed, move onto OBJ Orion and seize control of the Hue Citadel. SECONDARY TASKING: Move to OBJ Pluto and Neptune, clear them out and check for any blufor survivors. Choose a location to reinforce and fend off any counter attacks. TERTIARY TASKING: N/A ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SUPPORT You will have support from x3 105MM Light Field Guns provided by 21st Field Artillery Regiment based at Pleiku Airbase. You will also have support from various friendly air assets in the area via "Radio Support" Rotary Wing: 71st Aviation Company will provide airframes at their discretion depending on operational needs and requests. Fixed Wing: N/A Repairing: Destroyed: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ COMMAND & SIGNAL Succession of Command: 1st Platoon HQ: 1LT J. Kauffman > SSG D. Jordan > SSG K. Kersemeier 1st Squad: SSG D. Jordan > CPL R. Kris 2nd Squad: SSG K. Kersemeier > SGT V. Handberg Call Signs "Mako 6", SSG A. Cummings "Mako 1-6", 1LT J. Kauffman "Mako 1-1", SSG D. Jordan "Mako 1-2", SSG K. Kersemeier Hand Signals Control + Num 5 = Rally/Set//Affirmative Control + Num 2 = Halt/Hold/Stop/Negative Control + Num 6 = Engage Control + Num 4 = Go/Move/ Smoke Signals Green = Friendly/Affirmative Red = Enemy/Negative Purple = Mass Casualty/Medic Required Orange = Lost/Marking Current Position Radio Frequencies Infantry Platoon Net ~ 40.0 CAS Net ~ 45.0 Aviation Platoon Net ~ 50.0 Command Net ~ 60.0
  4. Team(S) Reporting: 1st Cavalry Division Map: Uzbin Tasks: Attack the compunds Secondary Tasks: Seize the village from enemy control Date of Patrol: 03/26/2023 Attendees: SSG A. Cummings SSG K. Kersemeier SP8 R. Kris SP6 E. York SP6 P. Goodell PFC D. Jimulance
  5. Team(S) Reporting: 1st Cavalry Division Map: Prison Tasks: Go about normal prisoner life Secondary Tasks: Escape from prison Date of Patrol: 04/09/2023 Attendees: 1LT J. Kauffman SSG A. Cummings SSG D. Jordan SGT V. Handberg SP8 B. Snurka SP8 R. Kris SP6 P. Goodell PFC D. Jimulance
  6. Team(S) Reporting: 1st Cavalry Division Map: Uzbin Tasks: Escape Tanoa Secondary Tasks: Clear out the village Date of Patrol: 03/26/2023 Attendees: SSG A, Cummings SSG K. Kersemeier SP8 R. Kris SP6 E. York SP6 P. Goodell PFC D. Jimulance
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