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  1. Application View Application Status Dawson Moore Submitted 01/25/2019 08:43 PM Name Dawson Moore Email dawson@lutherwolf.com Timezone America/New_York Country United States Additional Application Fields Date Of Birth 03/14/2002 Age 17 Current In Game Name Texas Red Steam Username Texas Red Player ID STEAM_0:0:99711627 Previous Military Experience No Previous units Yes If yes please list 1st SFOD, 2nd Marine Raiders, 8th Pathfinder infantry, and lastly 3rd Marine Raiders Do you have Teamspeak 3? Yes Do you have a working mic? Yes Commitment Time Per Week I can make all of the times, however Tuesday and Thursday I will most likely be late for. Provide two reasons why you would like to join the unit The schedule fits with me mostly well. I dig the historical How did you hear about us? Vigorous online searching