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Welcome to 1st Cavalry Division
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Pinned  Welcome to 1st Cavalry Division

Apr 16 2017 03:29 AM | SP6 A. Cummings in Articles

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Welcome to 1st Cavalry Division.

We are Milsim Unit based on the game ARMA 3, we follow the 1st Cavalry Division throughout history. Our campaigns are set during the Second World War, Korean War, Vietnam War, Iraq War, War in Afghanistan, and alternate history. We host events weekly using our custom mod pack to give the best experience and immersion. We strive to create an environment that is as realistic as possible and fun at the same time. We believe balancing out realism and fun is essential and as a result we do not call each other by ranks, nor do we call our officers “Sir”. The 1st Cavalry Division consists of 3 branches: The 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry Regiment, the 71st Company, 145th Aviation Battalion, and a team of MACV-SOG Operators.


Want to join? Click the 'Apply Here!' Button along the top of the website. You must be registered to


You can also join our Teamspeak by clicking here.


We look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

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ARMA 3 Mod Repo Update!

Sep 20 2018 10:39 AM | SP6 A. Cummings in Articles

Attention Members of 1st Cavalry Division

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There has been an update to our Mod Repo's


Size of update ~40mb


Base Mods Updated:
@ACE - v3.12.3
@ACEX - v3.3.1
@CBA_A3 - v3.8.0.180801
@ACE_3_E - v1.1.1.03
@Aresach - v1.1.3


Unsung Mods Updated:
@task_force_radio_live - v1.-1.0.298 (Do not forget to update the TS plugin, plugin is in the mod folder and needs copying to your TS3 plugins folder)




Don't forget to defrag your system after the update to improve performance. This is not needed if your games runs from an SSD.


Any questions please contact a member of the team.


Server Administration Team

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Deployment Notice

Aug 17 2018 04:23 PM | 1LT J. Kauffman in Articles

Attention Members


Posted Image



Deployment Notice



Operation Comanche II


Vietnam Full Campaign



Posted Image




Quang Tri Province

Counter Insurgency

~ August 1971



Operation 001 - Saturday August 18 @ 1900EST

Operation 002 - Saturday August 25 @ 1900EST

Operation 003 - Saturday September 1 @ 1900EST

Operation 004 - Saturday September 8 @ 1900EST

*Campaign end date dependent upon weekly success*



The 1st Cavalry Division will be returning to the Jungles of Vietnam. Our mission will be to move back into Quang Tri Province, just to the northwest of the Da Krong Valley, where we were deployed just three months prior. Operation Comanche II will be a continuation of Operation Comanche I; Our prior efforts to route out Viet Cong sympathizers from the countryside failed, and the support for the communist cause has grown so high among the locals, that Five NVA Battalions have moved into Quang Tri province, and set up Five Base Camps, hidden around our Area of Operation. Our Objective will be to 1). Win back the favor of the Locals in order to gain valuable intel from them. 2). Use that intel to locate & destroy all Five NVA base camps set up in the region

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