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Field Training Exercise @ 1900 EST


Event details

Weekly Operation for our Second World War - Operation Overlord - Invasion of Normandy Campaign ~ June 1944.


Event is worth 2 PP.


Comment below if you cannot attend the event.


You will be penalized -2 PP if you do not report you absence ahead of time.

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Recommended Comments

I will not be able to attend I have to go to a family event in another state. If I get back and your still in op I will join.

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Jordan - Wedding

Parker - Work

Avery - Vacation

Birdett - Vacation

Chardi - Vacation

Kolven - Mod Issues

Thompson - Vacation

Wolfe - Excuse above

Barris - Family


Bobcat - None -2 PP

Robert - None -2 PP

Flores - None -2 PP

McGurck - None -2 PP

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