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OPORD: Winter War 002

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 Operation Order

Operation Winter War 002

How winter harshness blessed Finns in Winter War

Finland - Suomussalmi - Er.P 15








1. REGION: SUOMUSSALMI - FINLAND - North Karelian Group

2. WEATHER: Snowing, storm; 8.6F (-13C); Wind <1kn NNE; Dawn 0600 IGT; Dusk 1900 IGT

3. TERRAIN: Mountainous, Large Valleys, Forests





After our tactical retreat last week, the Soviets have moved into the area, and settled in. We cannot allow this to continue.
We have managed to infiltrate into the enemy controlled area, and set up a small FOB. Our brethren have also managed to sneak a cache of supplies into a local town, if we need it.

Our objectives are simple. Make the Soviets pay for every occupied square meter of Finland!

We will strike hard and fast, and they will never know what hit them. We are the snow of Finland.

a. Enemy Forces

Strength: 45-55000 Soviet Regulars, ill equipped for winter manoeuvres

Locations: Held up in multiple Locations across the AO

Weapons/Equipment: Ill maintained bolt action rifles, potential for some semi/fully automatic rifles.

Morale: Low, enemy are fighting with equipment not suitable for the conditions

Tactics/Patrols: Enemy are known to Stay and Fight, they will put up a hard fight to keep their taken ground. Unknown if patrols are operating, expect infantry and mechanized patrols especially on MSR’s.

Likely Intentions: To stay and fight and prevent friendly forces making progress. Enemy may also counter-attack.

Dress: Winter camouflage, woodland camouflage.


b. Friendly Forces

Commanders Intent: To Disrupt distribution of supplies, fuel and prevent repairs. Drive the Soviets out of the occupied land.

Platoon commanders intent: Carry out the commanders intent, provide a hard fight and gain back lost ground.

Locations of neighbouring forces: No friendly forces are known to be operating in the area.

Attachment & Detachments: 71st AHC are attached to squad on the ground.


There is a possibility of civilians in the AO, this is their home and they will not take lightly to the Soviets driving them out.


c. 1930s - Rules of Engagement

On order from your commander, enemy military and paramilitary forces are declared hostile and may be attacked subject to the following instructions:

  1. Positive Identification (PID) is required prior to engagement. PID is a reasonable certainty that the proposed target is a legitimate military target. If no PID, contact your next highest commander for decision.
  2. Do not engage anyone who has surrendered, or is unarmed or wounded. 




To disrupt the supplies, repairs and fuel distribution of the Soviets, retake the Village of Gorka and regain lost ground.

Concept of Ops:

Commanders intent: As Above.

Scheme of manoeuvre: 1st Platoon with 71st AHC attachments will step off from the Finnish FOB at latest 1930EST. On completion of objectives ground commander will select an RP to return to the FOB. This operation will be a 3 phase operation.

Main Effort:

Fighting force will be provided by 1st Platoon with 71st AHC in support.



Phase 1: Fuel Dump Assault        

1-6: Will move with 1-2 and observe the assault and command the assault from the OP and move into support the ground troops if needed.

1-1: Will step off with the rest of the platoon at 1930EST out of the Finnish FOB. 1st Platoon will progress to WP TREVOR. When the platoon is all counted for, 1-1 will split off and move to OP SCOTT and get eyes on the Fuel Dump. Once a sufficient observation has taken place the ground commander will advise 1-1 to hold position and provide fire support for 1-2. When 1-2 have entered the Fuel Dump 1-1 will be called in to support via Phase Line ABLE. After the destruction of the Fuel Dump all squads will move to the Platoon RP GOLF and HOLD position.

1-2: Will step off with the rest of the platoon at 1930EST out of the Finnish FOB. 1st Platoon will progress to WP TREVOR. When the platoon is all counted for, 1-2 will split off and move to OP VICTOR and get eyes on the Fuel Dump. Once a sufficient observation has taken place the ground commander will advise 1-2 to commence their assault on the fuel dump through Phase Line FOXTROT. Once 1-2 have entered the Fuel Dump they are to contact the ground commander so 1-1 can move in and support. Engineers in 1-2 will rig any supplies to detonate on a clacker. When charges are set the Platoon will move to Platoon RP GOLD and HOLD position.

All squads are to be prepared for enemy reinforcements and possible counter attacks. 1-1 will take the Eastern side of the Fuel Dump and hold security 1-2 will take the Western part of the Fuel Dump and hold security while charges are set and searches are carried out.





Phase 2: Assault of Factory

1-6: Move to OP JORDAN with 1-2, command ground units from OP during assault and move into objective to support 1-1 if needed.

1-1: Move off from PLTRP GOLF to WP BEN with 1-2 and hold position, Once 1-2 are in position at WP VIDAR 1-1 are to move into position at OP JOHN and get eyes on the objective. Once a sufficient observation has taken place 1-1 Squad Leader is to liaise with 1-6 and form a plan of attack on the objective with the intel gathered. Once the plan is in place 1-6 will advise when to attack. 1-1 are then to attack the objective and prepare to rig any equipment with charges on a clacker. Once position is declared clear 1-1 are then to move to PLTRP ECHO and await the arrival of the rest of 1 Platoon before moving off to the Resupply Cache. DOR Uniform (Denial Of Route) is to be mined to prevent any reinforcements moving into the supply cache or Gorka.

1-2 Move off from PLTRP GOLF to WP BEN with 1-1, 1-2 are to then split off and move positon to WP VIDAR. Once at WP VIDAR are to contact 1-6, on the go ahead from 1-6, 1-2 are to move into positon at OP JORDAN and provide overwatch and fire support for 1-1. Setup defences at the OP to provide sufficient cover. Once 1-1 are in the Factory 1-2 are to move to DOR (Denial of route) NOVEMBER and mine the area to prevent reinforcements moving on the MSR. Should 1-1 require support in the Factory 1-2 are to move into the Factory and mine the DOR on extraction. When area is declared clear 1-2 are to move off to PLTRP Echo and regroup. When 1 Platoon are all accounted for, the platoon will move off to the resupply cache.

All squads are to resupply, patch wounds and be prepared to move ASAP. 1-1 & 1-2 are to provide overwatch whilst the other squad is resupplying.





Phase 3: Assault on Gorka.

1-6: Move to OP ANDREW with 1-1 and command the assault from that OP. Push into Sector Red with 1-1 and provide support.

1-1: Step off from the Supply Dump and move to WP TRAVIS with the rest of 1st Platoon. When 1-2 step off to OP GEORGE 1-1 are to move into a covert OP at OP ANDREW and reinforce. Get eyes on SECTOR RED, provide 1-6 with troop numbers, emplacements, vehicles & any other useful information. When 1-2 are in position at OP GEORGE and conducted an observation, 1-1 will move into SECTOR RED via PL XRAY and clear it of all Soviet troops. Prepare to blow caches, weapons etc. Locate any vehicles we can commandeer to aid in the extraction back to the FOB. 1-6 Will provide an RP for the Platoon prior to the extraction.


1-2: Step off from the Supply Dump and move to WP TRAVIS with the rest of 1st Platoon. Once at the WP 1-2 are to split off and move to OP GEORGE using a suitable route decided by the SL. Move into position at OP GEORGE and build defences. BE AWARE THIS OP IS WITHIN 100-150M of ENEMY LOCATIONS. SOUND DISCIPLINE AND COVERT OPS ARE A MUST. LIMIT VOICE CHATTER. Once in the OP 1-2 are to gather intel on enemy locations, vehicles, emplacements and other useful information. When 1-6 gives the go ahead 1-2 will move into SECTOR GREEN via PL LIMA and commence the assault. Clear SECTOR GREEN of all Soviet troops, locate any vehicles that can be used to aid our extraction back to the FOB and destroy any equipment. 1-6 Will provide an RP for the Platoon prior to the extraction.





**Special Instructions**

- All requests for fire will come to the Platoon Leader first.

- We will not be running medevacs. All personnel are to carry 1 Personal Aid Kit (PAK) on them. If they are wounded they get one chance to be PAK'd in the field, after that, if wounded a second time, that soldier is to be stabilized and to continue fighting.


  • Timings: 1930 EST Step off for Operation Winter War 002. Mission progress will dictate timings.

  • Moves: As above per squad.

  • Order Of March:

    FOB to WP TREVOR – 1-1 followed by 1-6 followed by 1-2.

    FUEL DUMP to PLTRP GOLF 1-2 followed by 1-6 followed by 1-1

    PLTRP GOLF to WP BEN – 1-2 followed by 1-6 followed by 1-1

    PLTRP ECHO to RESUPPLY CACHE – 1-1 Followed by 1-6 followed by 1-2

    RESUPPLY CACHE to WP TRAVIS – 1-2 Followed by 1-6 followed by 1-1





a) Lights

a. Delayed – Get into cover

b. Instant – Open Ground – get into cover, woods – freeze

c. Trip Flare – Pass by it / Step over it – normally covered by fire

d. If set off – kick over, and get out of killing area

b) Stoppage – Shout “STOPPAGE”

c) Change Magazine – Shout “MAGAZINE”

d) Grenade – Shout “GRENADE”

e) POW’s

a. Look after and bring back to base:

i. Search, process, and send to Plt Commander

f) Obstacles

a. Natural – Cross as per SOPs

b. Man Made – Barbed wire / mines

i. Cut the wire or navigate around

ii. Mine Field, work to a single route

g) Halts

a. SL’s to count every man and ensure all in.

b. Short Halt – Down on one knee, in all round defence.

c. Long Halt Down onto Belt Buckles in all round defence.

h) Approaching RV - Observe from a distance and approach when it is safe.

i) Suspicious Activity

i. Do not get involved.

ii. Observe and record all details from a safe distance.

Action in OP’s and RP’s – Silence and all round defence.

j) Getting Lost

i. Head for the nearest ERV point or main road.

n) Being apprehended

i. bad luck should have stayed with your squad.

ii. prepare torture and death.

o) Communications failure

i. Change position and move to higher ground.

p) Patrol members missing

i. Go back to nearest ERV.

ii. Inform PLT Commander.

q) Severe weather conditions – Man up.

r) Patrol being separated

i. Move to nearest ERV.

ii. Ensure that all patrol members know the drill for being separated.

iii. Ensure that all patrol members know the location of the nearest ERV.

t) Patrol Movement - Within briefed guideline, at the Patrol Commanders discretion, ensure spacing’s and correct formations are used.

u) On casualties

i. Minor - Give First Aid and report the incident to PLT Commander.

ii. Major - Give First Aid, Call for the MEDIC, Inform 1-6.

iii. If the casualty can be safely moved (without further injury), then move him to a

suitable CCP and treat. Do not leave the casualty unattended.



Dress: As stated in uniform guidelines.

Equipment & Tools: Each squad are to take mines and explosives. X1 PAK, Blood and bandages/tourniquet’s. Entrenching tools and fortify tools are to be carried, ensure you have EARPLUGS!

Weapons: As directed by Squad Leader, Role or Uniform Guidelines.

Ammunition: As needed. Ensure you have enough to get through x2 firefights.

Medical: Medics will carry standard medic loadout and ensure they have enough blood and medical equipment to treat a mass cas situation. Ensure you carry Surgical Kit & x2 PAK’s.

CASEVAC: Not available. Medics are to stabilise casualties to be able to fight.

Transport: Mission dictated.

Location of HQ: Finnish FOB

COMMS: All SL’s and PL will carry a 152 only. Normal Frequencies apply as below.




Succession of Command: SSG A. Cummings -> 1LT J. Kauffman -> SSG V. Handberg

Call Signs

  • "Mako 1-6",             SSG A. Cummings

  • "Mako 1-1",             SSG V. Handberg

  • "Mako 1-2",             1LT J. Kauffman

Radio FREQs

  • "Command Net" - FREQ 60.0

  • "Aviation Platoon Net" - FREQ 50.0

  • "CAS/Dust off Net" - FREQ 45.0

  • "Infantry Platoon Net" - FREQ - 40.0

Hand Signals

  • Control + Num 5 = Rally/Set//Affirmative

  • Control + Num 2 = Halt/Hold/Stop/Negative

  • Control + Num 6 = Engage

  • Control + Num 4 = Go/Move/


Smoke Signals

  • Green = Friendly/Affirmative

  • Red = Enemy/Negative

  • Purple = Mass Casualty/Medic Required

  • Orange = Lost/Marking Current Position



-Be wary of Counter Attacks, Mechanized patrols and emplacements






[] Land

[] Sea

[] Air

PAX: ~




[X] Land

[] Sea

[] Air

PAX: ~30




[X] Resupply

[] Fire Support

[] Other: Medevac/Reinsert



[] Yes

[X] No

[] Emergency Only



S-1 Lead Administrator, S-2 Lead Recruiter and S-5 Lead server/website admin

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