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First vote for the modpack, that you would prefer to use next (A different poll will be posted later, so we can vote on the setting of the campaign).  

15 members have voted

  1. 1. Which modpack would you like to play in First?

    • Option #1 - Rhodesian Bush War 70s-80s
    • Option #2 - Second World War
    • Option #3 - Modern Day

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Hey guys!

Time to vote for our next Campaign!

Keep in mind that we will play all of these campaigns! You are merely choosing which Modpack we switch to first!

Please read through the planned Campaigns and choose carefully!


Reserve & Retired members have been disenfranchised. Their vote's will not be counted in this poll.

This is intentional. Do not ask members of reserves to log onto the website for the first time in a year, in order to cast a vote for something you desire. This has happened in past polls & will not be tolerated now.

This point of this poll is to allow the majority of the Active Duty members, (members who attending events regularly) to get to play in the setting that they desire the most, after a long and tiring 10 month tour in the jungles of Vietnam & voting will reflect that.


Option #1 - Rhodesian Bush War


Campaign 1 - Fireforce

Year: 1976

Side: Rhodesia - Rhodesian Territorial Commandos

Style: Counter-Insurgency


  • Building, establishing, and operating out of a Patrol Base

  • Gathering intelligence & support from the local populace

  •  Utilizing "Fireforce" tactics to destroy found communist insurgents

  •  "Fireforce" was an operational assault composed of 12-16 light infantrymen, carried on 3-4 helicopters, escorted by a gunship, designed to rapidly deploy infantry around an enemy group & trap them, once trapped, the circling gunships were free to eliminate the enemy combatants or force them into the lines of fire of the surrounding infantry groups.

  • These daring tactics often meant that the Rhodesian forces were outnumbered thirty to one, leading to incredibly high body counts & incredibly bloody battles. 

Potential Maps: Mutambara

Length: 4-6 Weeks


Option #2 - Second World War


Campaign 1. - Polish Resistance

Year: 1943

Side: Polish Resistance

Style: Insurgency


  • Finding and building a safe house within the City

  • Drive the Germans out of your city; Create your own intel & missions

  • Starting with minimal Weapons

  • Civilian InteractionFinding other civilians in the city who will act as informants

  • Conduct your own raids on Nazi troops

  • Gather weapons & save your Kit each mission

  • Progression each mission as you find newer and cooler weapons

  • Progression of kit reset after death

  • Store weapons, ammo, supplies, vehicles for future operations

Potential Maps: Poland

Length: 4-8 Weeks



Campaign 2. - Eastern Front

Year: 1940s

Side: Red Army

Style: Conventional


  • Defending & Retreating in the face of the Nazi Advance

  • Counter attack to retake the Motherland

  • Taking part in many famous battles of the Eastern Front

  • Urban fighting

  • Cool Soviet Proto-body armor, such as steel plates strapped to your chest

Potential Maps: Poland

Length: ~ 4 Weeks

Option #3 - Modern Day


Campaign 1. - Russo-Ukrainian War

Year: 2022 - Winter

Side: Germany - Bundeswehr

Style: Conventional


  • Playing as German Forces

  • Fictional NATO Intervention with Russo-Ukrainian War

  • NATO strikes on Russian Nuclear Facilities 

  • NATO led offensive into Russia

  • Combat in contaminated environment; CBRN Gear

  • Nuclear disaster; Nuclear Environment/Aesthetic

  • The capture of Vladimir Putin.

  • Promotion Point Incentive for attending all missions & successfully capturing President Putin

Potential Maps: Rosche-Germany, Chernarus Winter

Length: ~ 4 Weeks



Campaign 2. - Soviet-Afghan War

Year: 1980s

Side: Afghanistan - Mujahedeen

Style: Insurgency


  • Playing as the Mujahedeen Insurgents

  • Years after occupation

  • Waging an insurgency against the occupying Soviet Forces

  • Stinger missiles, Russian Hinds, Ambushes, IEDs, 

Potential Maps: Lithium, Takistan, Clafghan

Length: ~ 4 Weeks




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