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[Poll] Patrol Schedule Change

New Patrol Schedule  

10 members have voted

  1. 1. If we were to add another Patrol to our Weekly Schedule, which day/time would allow you to better attend?

    • Thursday 1900 Eastern Standard Time
    • Friday 1900 Eastern Standard Time
    • Sunday 1500 Eastern Standard Time
    • None of these Days/Times work for me, but I will comment to this post with a day/time that will work for me.

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Hey Guys,


So if you're new to the 1st Cavalry, "Patrols" are slang for "fun ops" or "Mini ops" or "Side Ops". Essentially they're just ad hoc operations in ArmA meant to be fun and out of the ordinary to shake things up from our usual Saturday Operations. We often play as other nation's armed forces, even playing as the Viet Cong & North Vietnamese Army from time to time. Anyone is welcome to Zeus this operations, all you have to do, is notify Kauffman a few days in advance.



So anyway, we're looking to change up the patrol schedule for the summer to maximize the number of people who are able to attend these things.


With the addition of our Second Mod Repository & all these World War 2 mods, there will be tons of new unexplored content and a plethora of mission making material.


I think with all this new content, etc. We should add another weekly patrol to our schedule again.


Is there a more optimal Time or Day that our members could attend, for your new summer hours?




Current Patrol Schedule:


Tuesday 1900 Eastern Standard Time     -   Participants Choice of UNSUNG Vietnam or World War 2




Suggested Days


Thursday 1900 Eastern Standard Time   -    Dedicated World War 2 Patrol


Friday 1900 Eastern Standard Time   -     Dedicated World War 2 Patrol


Sunday 1500 Eastern Standard Time    -     Dedicated World War 2 Patrol




If you select Option #4, Please comment with a "write in" time/day that would work better for you.




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