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Poll: Next Campaign


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  1. 1. The setting of our next campaign should be?

    • Option 1 - Conventional & Zeused - Operation Pegasus
    • Option 2: Insurgency & Hearts and Minds - Operation Comanche II

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Hey Guys!


This poll will decide the setting of our next campaign! The Poll will close at 23:59 EST on Saturday after our operation.

Details about each option can be found below.








Option #1

A Conventional Campaign

Tet Offensive


This will be a conventional campaign in two ways. One it will be a conventional fight against a uniform force of PAVN Regulars, and it will be zeused by an individual rather than running off of mission scripting/AI HQ alone. The setting will be that of Quang Tri Province, on January 30th, 1968, just minutes before the Tet Offensive was commenced. The Tet Offensive was a massive military campaign launched against South Vietnam by the coordinated effort of the Viet Cong and the People's Army of North Vietnam. The First Month was a coordinated attack on every single Vietnamese Provencal/state capital city, by 80,000 Communists. By the end of September 1968, over half a million Viet Cong/PAVN Forces had been thrown into the frey. This surprise attack threw the southern/US Forces off weight for the better part of 1968. The 1st Cavalry was initially under siege in Quang Tri, but broke out from the encirclement. Due to its high mobility, the 1st Cav was tasked with assisting friendly units break their encirclement and sieges. The 1st Cavalry air assaulted by the enemy at Hue City and at Khe Sanh in an attempt to cut the enemy off from further reinforcements and supplies, and save the Marines, who were trapped, from total disaster. 



Option #2

An Insurgency Campaign

Hearts and Minds


Based in the Hearts and Minds Mission, our task will be to win the favor of the locals and gather information from them to locate Five PAVN Base Camps which have been set up in Quang Tri Province. This campaign will be run entirely off of the scripted mission "Hearts and Minds" it will be dynamic, and will not be zeused by one individual. These missions may not go according to plan, and each mission will have to be planned based upon either the success or failure of the previous week. We may split up the platoon to cover more ground, or stick together, and sweep the country side in an effort to gather intelligence, locate, and destroy the 5 PAVN Base Camps in the area.


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