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  1. 1. What will our next campaign be?

    • Vietnam: Operation Cheyenne Sabre
    • Modern: Operation Gothic Serpent
    • WW2: British SOF Operations

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Time for our next campaign vote!



Option #1

Vietnam: Cheyenne Sabre

Biên Hòa Province 1969

This will be a search and destroy campaign following the end of Operation Delaware. 1st Cav conducted this search and destroy operation north east of Bien Hoa to straddle and cut enemy infiltration routes. The enemy were dug in quite deep in bunkers and trenches, but 1st Cav claimed more than 600 enemies taken out during this operation.

Option #2

Modern Campaign: Operation Gothic Serpent

Somalia - 1993

Operation Gothic Serpent was a military operation conducted by United States special operations forces during the Somali Civil War with the primary mission of capturing faction leader Mohamed Farrah Aidid. The operation occurred in Somalia from August to October 1993 and was supervised by the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC).  The battle of Mogadishu is one of the more known battles during this operation, and is featured in books and film, known as "Black Hawk Down"

Option #3

British Commandos

Episodic Raiding Campaign West & Pacific 1940-1945

We will be playing as British Commandos, and will be conducting various different raids throughout the second world war, on separate maps, and during separate time periods. Including Raids on the Japanese in in Burma, and raiding German heavy water plants in Norway. Each individual operation taking place on a different map, setting, and time period. The British Commandos had a vast array of weaponry and equipment at their disposal, so we will be able to use lots of experimental and high tech equipment & weapons during this Campaign.

K. Grorud@0.5x.png

Head of 71st Assault Helicopter Company

Call-sign: Rattler 1-6

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