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  1. Just random arma bullshittery and cool snaps from my time with 1st Cav
  2. just dropped some choice picks for y'all starting with I know I got shots of Tank, Handberg Cummings and Hart, feel free to leave a comment if you spot yourself and want tagged See you boys tomorrow, hope you all enjoyed your Halloween
  3. Indeed friendo, we've recently lost a few bros to the school year but are still active Every Sat at 4pm PST or 7pm EST| sorry for the churn check back reg in the TS you're bound to find someone
  4. Map: Lithium Modern load outs The course consists of a 30 ish minutes of a 300m-800m range, Basic SDM tribal knowledge and loadout suggestions, land nav, and radio use. afterward candidates will complete a short SKT mission.
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