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    Alcohol connoisseur and chode drawing enthusiast
  1. J. Bankshaft

    Vietnam War Movies/Series!

    for those of y'all who like them dere books. The boys of '67 by Andrew Wiest the netflix documentary just called Vietnam is super good so far
  2. J. Bankshaft

    New pic dump

    http://1stcavalry.org/index.php?/gallery/image/244-perez-and-kauffman-move-to-op/ starting here for nam http://1stcavalry.org/index.php?/gallery/image/223-hit-the-beaches-in-the-second-world-war/ starting here for ww2
  3. J. Bankshaft

    Bankshaft's Camera

    Just random arma bullshittery and cool snaps from my time with 1st Cav
  4. J. Bankshaft

    The year was 1941....

    1st Cav's journey through Normandy with the 101st
  5. J. Bankshaft

    Recording Operations

    I got hours of footage I am working through. I plan on sitting down next week (probably sunday or monday) and putting together some highlight reels
  6. J. Bankshaft

    Over sideways and under, On a magic carpet ride

    I love seeing inside kingsleys acid trips (what was actually happening http://1stcavalry.org/uploads/gallery/album_2/gallery_32_2_584236.jpg)
  7. J. Bankshaft

    "what the f#$k is going on?"

    I memba
  8. J. Bankshaft

    Patrol 6/12/18

    TEAM REPORTING: 1st Platoon, Alpha Company, 1/7th Cavalry Regiment MAP: Da Krong TASKS: Mako element: Locate crash site and rescue downed bomber pilot Aviation: Insert exfil of Mako element Provide CAS for Mako and other coalition elements operating in immediate A/O SECONDARY TASKS: Minimize civilian casualties TIME OF OPERATION: 1900EST STARRING: PFC J.Robert (TEAM LEAD) SPC O. Birdette SPC5 S. Avery CW2 K.Grorud (CAS) SGT J. Bankshaft (HQ / Zeus) PV2 T. Kolven PV2 V. Hanberg SPC Flores (left early) Result: MAKO ground element: Led by PFC J. Robert, Mako element was tasked with locating and rescuing a downed bomber pilot. PFC Robert led the team deep into hostile territory to locate the pilot and was constantly outnumbered by the NVA. After inserting into the Australian outpost camp sarge and helping them fend off an NVA assault PFC Robert led the team up the river to the north to the crash site. Upon discovering the pilot was no longer in the area PFC Robert and his team engaged and NVA river patrol which was occupying the crash site. Upon refit and reinforcing there at the crash site PFC Robert led his men on a daring daylight raid to reclaim the pilot from an under strength NVA Battalion garrisoned in a nearby village. PFC Robert's team was able to successfully rescue the downed Navy pilot and an Australian army soldier who had been recently captured and extracted them back to base. Aviation (CW2 Grorud): Rattler 1-1 was able to successfully complete several insertions at camp sarge while under crippling fire, while running reinforcement / refit runs to and from camp sarge, CW2 Grorud provided reconnaissance into the suspected crash site his recon provided paramount intel that gave the ground team a well marked crash site and details on enemy positions. While Mako assaulted the crash site Da Krong HQ pulled Rattler 1-1 to provide CAS to a MACV/SOG team who had eyes on an NVA Vehicle Depot. Rattler 1-1 engaged several enemy emplaced mortars and crippled the enemy depot. Upon completion of his CAS mission Rattler 1-1 provided another resupply run to Mako before their big assault. While Mako Assaulted the enemy occupied village Rattler 1-1 provided CAS to an Australian army platoon (Kiwi 6) who were being overran in a village to the south by a far larger force. Rattler 1-1 assisted Kiwi 6 fend off 4 companies of NVA soldiers and several NVA patrol boats. Rattler 1-1 finished the evening by providing extraction for Mako element and 2 POW's
  9. J. Bankshaft

    This Weeks Patrol is still 'Kingsley Approved'

    -Sniff- He's such a fucking trooper
  10. New Nam dump starting here http://1stcavalry.org/index.php?/gallery/image/180-bobcats-skt/ Starting the WW2 Album: http://1stcavalry.org/index.php?/gallery/album/16-the-year-was-1941/ feel free to tag yourself, use as backgrounds, group promotion etc. etc.
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  12. J. Bankshaft

    Notice of Deployment

    Need to adjust my notifications I didn't even know this convo happened
  13. J. Bankshaft

    FTX 6/2/18


    I am apparently no longer an employee but a slave plus Usrepo still royally fucked guess I'll be casually breezing into Normandy
  14. J. Bankshaft

    Weekly Patrol @ 1900 EST


    I can Zeus something up if you want Kauffman
  15. J. Bankshaft

    Notice of Deployment

    Now I get to stack commies and nazis? sweet