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J. Kauffman

1st Cavalry Division
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    Online : Mako 1-6 - 1LT J. Kauffman

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    J. Kauffman got a reaction from R. Kris in Game Night 1/9/2020   
    Operation Title:
    Game Night 1/9/2020 Team(S) Reporting:
    1st Cavalry Division Map:
    Zargabad Primary Task:
    Have fun Secondary Task:
    Defend the fob Time Of Operation:
    01/09/2021 Attendees:
    1LT J. Kauffman, 2LT K. Grorud, CW2 T. Sadler, SSG V. Handberg, SSG D. Jordan, SSG A. Cummings, SGT B. Snurka, CPL N. Bobcat, SP8 T. Wolfe, SP6 C. Canterbury SP6 J. Chardi, SP6 J. Tank, PFC K. Kersemeier, PFC R. Kris
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    J. Kauffman reacted to D. Rutledge in Combat Mission: SF2 on Steam   
    Hello Gentlemen, 
    Combat Mission Shock Force 2 is currently available on steam and also on sale for $40. If you are into in-depth strategy games then I highly recommend you look into this. I have most of the recent Combat Missions and I have to say it is probably the best strategy game I have ever played. I also own this game on steam so if anyone would like to steam remote play and test it out we can surely do that just shoot me a message. 
    Hooah and thank you all for your service!
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    J. Kauffman got a reaction from B. Snurka in Game Night 4/18/2020   
    Operation Title:
    Game Night 4/18/2020 Team(S) Reporting:
    1st Cavalry Division Map:
    Rising Storm 2 Primary Task:
    Have fun Secondary Task:
    Kill Commies Time Of Operation:
    04/18/2020 Attendees:
    1LT J. Kauffman
    2LT K. Grorud
    SSG A. Cummings
    SSG D. Jordan
    SSG V. Handberg
    SSG J. Hart
    SP7 B. Snurka
    SP6 P. Thompson
    SP5 C. Canterbury
    SP5 J. Tank
    PFC M. Rodgers
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