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Campaign Poll November - December!

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  1. 1. Setting of our next campaign will be... (Keep in mind we will do all three campaigns, you are merely choosing the order in which they are conducted)

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Time for our next campaign vote!

(Keep in mind we will do all three campaigns, you are merely choosing the order in which they are conducted)


Option #1

Second World War: OSS Raids

Norway, France, Italy, North Africa, French Indochina - 1940 - 1943

This Designed to be a mini-campaign that recreates several different commando raids on various Nazi & Japanese installations as well as efforts to supply, train, and work with local resistance fighters in various occupied countries. Though many of these missions were carried out by British Commandos, we will be playing the part of American operatives in the Office of Strategic Services.

Option #2

Modern - Mountain Thrust 

Afghanistan 2006

In 2006, a platoon of British paratroopers relieved a group of American and Canadian Soldiers in Sangin Province Afghanistan, after taking several casualties. The British Paratroopers began conducting normal operations, however very quickly the situational devalued into a three month long siege with very limited support. Essentially left to fend for themselves, this Platoon of British Para's held off numerous Taliban offensives from their fortified hotel in the city center, and eventually managed to launch effective counter offensive operations dealing a killing blow to the Taliban forces in the region just before being relieved by American Forces. We will be operating as British Paratroopers, starting with only the ammo we can load into a few Boxes & what is on our persons, and with only limited mortar support until supplies can be sent in later in the campaign. 


Option #3

Vietnam Campaign: Operation Lincoln

Pleiku 1966

This Designed to be a mini-campaign that recreates the 12 Day Skirmish in Operation Lincoln along the Cambodian Border. The Campaign will consist of the lead up and then culminating into the in the climax of the Operation, when a CH-47 full of 1st Cavalry Division troopers, was shot down & the effort to rescue the wounded survivors of the crash as they held off a significant Vietnamese assault. The Build up to the climax will involve mine clearing patrols along Highway 19 by day, as well as night time ambushes along VC controlled.


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