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Poll: December - January Campaign

Poll: Next Campaign  

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  1. 1. What should the setting of our Winter Campaign, be?

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Hey Guys!

This poll will decide the setting of our next campaign! The Poll will close by 23:59 EST Tuesday, December 4th.

Details about each option can be found below.



Option #1


Behind Enemy Lines in North Vietnam 1972

This will be a clandestine special forces campaign, similiar to our very first campaign here in the 1st Cavalry Division.  We will split into two teams, and operate in different AOs while also being able to work together. Being inserted deep behind enemy lines, we will set up hidden camps within the jungles, where we will stash supplies and respawn. We will gather intelligence, conduct deep recon, and plan hit and run style raids on valuable North Vietnamese Targets, POW rescue, and when our objectives our complete we will be extracted from the depths of the jungle. Our campaign will be set in 1972, late war, which means new equipment such as XM-122s, China Lakes, Stoner Machine Guns, and other Late War equipment will be able to be used.

Option #2

1st Cavalry Special Reconnaissance Unit

The Great Raid - Pacific 1945 

We will be sent deep into Japanese controlled territory within the Philippines. We will working with the local population, and conduct operations while undercover disguised as civilians, while operating in urban areas. We will set up safe houses and set up hidden camps in the jungles, where we will respawn and store supplies. we will conduct reconnaissance, raids, and our operations will all be preparation for our final operation where we assault the Prison and free many many American, British, and Dutch Prisoners of war who're in danger of being executed by their Japanese Captors. This Campaign will take place during 1945, so many "toys" will be available for us to use, such as experimental equipment and technology.

Option #3

British Commandos

Episodic Raiding Campaign West & Pacific 1940-1945

We will be playing as British Commandos, and will be conducting various different raids throughout the second world war, on separate maps, and during separate time periods. Including Raids on the Japanese in in Burma, and raiding German heavy water plants in Norway. Each individual operation taking place on a different map, setting, and time period. The British Commandos had a vast array of weaponry and equipment at their disposal, so we will be able to use lots of experimental and high tech equipment & weapons during this Campaign.


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